Wednesday, 23 January 2008

peekaboo and music

Elvin enjoyed himself, and us, the other day at lunch in Blå Huset.

His multi talented mum Lotta Sjölin Cederblom is part of Markatta, along with Sanna Källman and Ingrid Brännström. They make poetic, funny and sometimes a little scary music theatre plays for children, enjoyable also for an adult. Accordion, cello, percussion; such a nice mix.

Listen here, you find them in the list under "Barnprogram" =music for children.

Simbi, African voodoo beat with Haitian influences, where Lotta is one of the singers, is also in that list, under "Folk and World".

There are so many great musicians at MCV, the artist run agency for West Swedish music. Click Radio MCV and listen all day!

Something to look at, too:
Mariana Monteagudo via Moco Loco


mansuetude said...

~ i love that little guy's hair. Mariana's dolls are interesting detail. I love the wrapped ones but some have a voodoo feel to me. Dolls that look too real have always given me a creeps, (my mother never understood this) ...

Anonymous said...

hi, i just found your website via dearada, your ceramic work is so beautiful! I love the organic forms, especially those vessels with lattice like sides! I then found your blog which i love. Enjoyed the posts about mariana's work and mizue's work...i looked up both of them. I love the way mizue's work is displayed. Many thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

Bibbi said...

Nice to have you here, Sarajo!

Mansuetude, clever girl, saw the voodoo connection I had in mind (with simbi). Her dolls aren't sweet but come close to my heart.

karin said...

Hi, I tagged you again!

mansuetude said...

i made some dolls in a bronze class--with old torn pantyhose and that dark wax melted into them, with little bits... i called them Lazarus dolls, because they looked like they'd risen out of a tomb.. they were wonderful,light, textural and then after bronzing they got heavy and nasty... i think of them as lead.

If you are doing voodoo, I am making fresh chicken broth--will save you the bones. !!

Actually, I choose Intention as my word for the year, and anything we make, with intention and soul and hand IS a sort of magic talisman... I have been thinking about this since December (or for ten years...which to me, was/is yesterday)~

Mary-Laure said...

Oh, this little kid is adorable! Is he yours?

Bibbi said...

Mary-Laure, no, he is not, we just play over lunch :)

Mansuetude, not much into voodoo but I think we have the power to change our circumstances and might tools to do so. Intention is a good word, helpful! I'm also looking at "motivation".

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Lucky La said...

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