Sunday, 31 July 2011

summer trip: rainy days in the south

A couple of lovely days in Skåne, south Sweden; rain drizzling softly. Long walks, long talks, long reads and enjoyable company.

Charlotta Klingström prepares a show in Stockholm...

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Summer trip: Hovs Hallar

At one of the finest spots for a long walk in Skåne, Hovs Hallar, we discovered a high quality craft gallery/shop. Bissa G Segersson is a member of the Stockholm group Blås&knåda and moved to south Sweden some years ago. She started the summer gallery in one of the houses of the former farm house where they live and work.

In the shop is work by her blås&knåda colleagues and in the gallery room an exclusive little show with well known ceramic artist Kennet Williamsson. Tomorrow is the final day!

The view over the sea is also worth looking at and they have a lovely little mini house for rent close by.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

studio confusion

In between short summer trips I do studio work, that is the best holiday. Having time off from office work is a treat, but things are confused in the studio. In September I have a show up north in Östersund, at an artist run ceramic gallery and shop Drejeriet. I haven't been totally sure of what to bring and now suddenly time seems very short.
Over summer Drejeriet show members' work only:

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

today's trip: marstrand

A daytrip to Marstrand and the sea today, just one hour bus ride north of Göteborg. Wonderful, windy day. Had the nice company of Anna Wieselgren, Canadian/Swedish artist who stays in one of the Konstepidemin guest studios. She worked on a project here last summer too, this is the result:

Monday, 11 July 2011

what happened before: pottery museums in athens

Athens in June:
I was unlucky with most museums, doors were closed the days I tried to visit. But as we only had a few days in Athens, maybe it was just as well I didn't spend them inside museums...
But next time I'll make better research beforehand and visit:

Institiute for contemporary ceramics, seems to be about pottery in a living tradition.

Museum of Greek folk art

Benaki Museum, which is located at several addresses. Among other big exhibitions and collections there is a huge collection of islamic art and ceramic yummy.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

what happened before: kerameikos athens

I was a bit unlucky with the museums in Athens, I found they are often closed more weekdays than the usual Mondays. But the Kerameikos Museum was open! It is also a huge archeological site, located where the potters used to live, strong connection :) I find the shapes and figures from the earlier periods really appealing, sometimes very contemporary. Lot's of photos:

Friday, 8 July 2011

what happened before: roof top

Hotel roof top in Athens. See Acropolis? Mindblowing to swim in rooftop pool while watching heavy historical material.

Stayed in Athens with friends for short break before real holidays. Very Useful and Inspiring. A pre-holiday extended-weekend-break made me relaxed and back to normal in time for the real holiday, not having to use a week of precious time just to let stress level down. I'm very pleased with myself for this discovery.

Craft and Design quiz (not difficult at all) where you can win a weekend trip to Göteborg and West Sweden in August, win and come visit! A rooftop pool hotel stay here too, and guided design tours and more:

what happened before: athens

A few weeks ago at Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece. It felt strange to stand on the very spot that was in focus for global news reports. Still peaceful when we were there, mid June. I hope all this energy we felt at the square will find a constructive future.

Monday, 4 July 2011

what happened before: midsummer, day after

I told you; Hollsvattnet was selected village of the year, and I agree.

I was listed Inspiring pottery blogger :) by the site Graphic Design Degrees. Read the whole list here...
Will keep me busy a long time.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

what happened before: midsummer

I'm back from a trip to the north. Midsummer spent in Hollsvattnet - village of the year in Luleå. Far north, midnight sun, Huckleberry Finn experience. There can not exist a better place to be on a midsummer night.

I have holidays and and am released from office work. Means energy to catch up with what happened in the world of blogs since last year (more than I can manage), sorting photos, reflect, and hopefully more studio time.

I'm hopelessly behind here, from now on posting and reading will be most random in time. Glad to be around again, among all inspiring people. But if the sun shines I will be gone for a while again...

If I was in the south instead, Ceramic dresses
Agneta Spångberg Cocktail Couture at Sofiero