Saturday, 26 January 2008

film festival

The 31st Göteborg Film Festival began yesterday, the winter season's cultural highlight. The festival is centered around Draken, one of the very few remaining old cinema theatres. Draken opened 1956 and still looks the same, interior photos here.

I saw Lust Caution by Ang Lee. It was late, the film started slow and I was friday night sleepy but it finally woke me up, stunningly beautiful images and a heart breaking story.

Even more I like the chance to see all the films that you never get to see at the cinemas. For several years I worked, selling tickets, at the festival. Great fun, and I could see all films for free. Now I don't have the time but still get in excited festival mood.

The festival cafe at Draken is this period the best place for "fika" in town. And there is a nice bar tent, for seminars, concerts, interviews or just to hang out for a while.

The all year round office for the festival used to be at Konstepidemin, but with time they grew to big and moved.

Thank you for encouraging words about finding peace in little creative crisis, they really help! I know, we've been there before and know deep inside we always manage in time.

I hope you have a nice weekend, too!

Vivienne Fleisher illustrations and photographs,
via Apifera Farm


mansuetude said...

well, its funny to see Vivienne's work-- and find her postage stamps while they are also on the messy table almost near my thumb.

I like some of her very hand sketched things, you can feel the motion (e-motion)in it.

The sun is bright here! So calming on my shoulder... hope you are warm and making your work.

Bibbi said...

You make look me look once more, can't find postage stamps... I also like the way she puts images together and work layer on layer.

mansuetude said...

Please, to see click on "Nature" in left column on her page... its the #2 ...there are tiny arrows down on the left.
Love the stamps say. I mail my letters with LOVE... ha ha. Very soft, dreamy.

Nice coincidence. Postage has gone up since then, but I still have some of them...they were in my bag.

Andrea Tachezy said...

Hi Bibbi, I gave you the "You make my day"-award. More info is on my blog. I like to visit your nice blog, I like to read what you write and! you were my first visitor on the blog!
Thank you Bibbi!

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, nice little circle :)

Andrea, thank you for the nice award! I've had computer trouble and haven't read yet today, will look! I'm happy to be the first but I see now we are many who like to visit you.

paris parfait said...

I love film festivals. Thanks for the info about the Ang Lee film. I've heard good things about it and it's now opening in Paris.