Saturday, 21 August 2010

still here

How could it suddenly be August when it was April? I hope the summer brought you time to relax and reflect as it did to mee.

Thanks to Annelie I was reminded this blog is sadly neglected. I'm still here. All spring I was so busy  filling the new web site of Konsthantverkscentrum/KHVC with Swedish craft news and information. There is a limit to how much computer time there is in a day! A life must be lived, too!

Still, the English part of the web site is far from finished, but the Swedish section is well on it´s way. The work will continue, even if not as frantic as before holidays.

I also put some energy into the blog of Konstepidemin, the studio complex. At the moment there is a theatre and dance festival going on. (Photo from a lovely origami performance with Justin Lenoir )

So, hope to see you around more...Love

Thursday, 22 April 2010

trees I met recently 1

Two exhibitions here in Göteborg:
Karin Nathorst Windahl, with love for teapots, at Sintra until 4.5
Jonathan "Ollio" Josefsson, textile artist with graffitti background, opens 24.4 at Nordhemskonst

Saturday, 17 April 2010

post 401; easter art castle 3

Oh dear, I'm a bad blogger.
It seems my energy is being spread all around and focus is hard to find. Or, maybe it's just being directed elsewhere, think there will be a post about that.

Photos from the easter experience of staying in the pretty and haunted (but we never met the ghost) Gärsnäs castle. The opening evening was crowded with living people and I met quite a few old friends living in the south.

Aslaug Juliussen Norwegian textile designer

Have a a nice weekend, hopefully as spring sunny as here.

Monday, 5 April 2010

easter art event in Skåne 2

 Among the exhibitors at Gärsnäs slott:
Camilla Engman shows new drawings, collages and paintings, as always lovely, intriguing and with a suble humour.

Tina L. Frausin from the Furniture Fair in February showed objects in a mix of materials.

Fairytale ceramic sculptures by Maria Cotellessa 

All exhibitors here.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter art event in Skåne

Suddenly spring.

Over the Easter days I take part in an art event at Gärsnäs slott at Österlen, the most beautiful part of south Sweden. I was happy to place my pieces there,  the atmosphere is rustic. More than 20 exhibitors in the castle buildings; more photos soon. Addresses to all:

In Skåne, there is a tradition of artists opening their studios for a week around Easter, and thousands and thousands of visitors take trips to visit as many as they possibly can. Konstrundan in the eastern part, ÖSKG is the most well known (since 42 years) but there are followers, all web addresses here.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

bye bye winter

Last  weekend in Luleå, up north. The frozen river is turned into a winter park, surrounding the city. Snow sculpting event in the park. This is the best time up north, when the light returns and the sun warms your face again.

Here in Göteborg the snow has turned grey and is slowly melting. We've had the first long winter since I moved here in the eighties, loved every minute. I choose snow before rain.

Life has been so hectic first two months of the year. Now I hope to have more time of my own again. And more time to enjoy what I'm doing!

Anna Sjons exhibition at Sintra is over...look here
Anna Sjons webpage

Saturday, 13 March 2010

late last Stockholm Furniture Fair: Catarina Larsson

Final fellow exhibitor at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: Textile artist Catarina Larsson doubled, both in KHVCs stand and sharing a stand with Tony Abrahamsson. Catarina's large lightings also hang permanently in the exhibitors restaurants at the fair. Light and shadow, so clever.

Hope all is well with fellow bloggers!
Alexandra Hedberg's ambitious interviews about art as business.
Very interesting!

And so is David Karlsson! Swedish only: David hoppade av sitt uppdrag som sekreterare i Kulturutredningen efter ett år. Nu har han skrivit en mycket klok bok med utgångspunkt i det arbetet och som en alldeles egen och alldeles fantastiskt klok kulturutredning. Jag sträckläser och gläds. Beställ den här: En kulturutredning: pengar, konst och politik, Glänta förlag

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sorry for the break, I wasn't finished with co-exhibitors at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. A cold in combination with tax declaration came in the way, but here is two more of my colleagues at the fair:

Ceramic artist Åsa Berntsson's cobble stones silently speaks to you, sometimes raising a provoking thought and sometimes just reminds you to live. Lyssna = Listen. For us living in Göteborg the coble stone has it's own meaning, from the demonstrations and riots at the EU top meeting a few years back. A single stone can be used in many different ways, placed on the table of a companie's board meeting it can also be a reminder of different values.

Stefan Forsberg's oak bench makes you think about time as an important factor in the crafts. Oak, being so hard and difficult, and so strong and majestic.

Have a lovely weekend! I think we must say farewell to some of the snow now, maybe it's time.

Monday, 22 February 2010

fredrika linder at the furniture fair

Fredrika's glass walls are magical objects. Don't ask me how they are made, but the glass bubbles are hand blown and they shift in colours with some mystical lighting. See more of Fredrika's glass here.

If you are in Göteborg:
Tomorrow Tuesday Serena Holm gives a talk at Röhsska, about her jewellery "Wearable art".

Two little birds opened a combined café and craft gallery at the very best street Andra Långgatan no 5. First out in the gallery is Karin Esbjörnsson, ceramic. Organic coffee and up and coming craft artists, what a good combination.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

irina my lindqvist at the fair


Co exhibitor Irina My Lindqvist, glass artist and designer, showed unique glass sculptures, trophies made in the exclusive graal technique. She combines this traditional technique with a new expression of her own, much more to be seen at Irina's web page.

Peaceful Sunday morning, we are snowed in here. The world is all white and soft again.