Thursday, 22 April 2010

trees I met recently 1

Two exhibitions here in Göteborg:
Karin Nathorst Windahl, with love for teapots, at Sintra until 4.5
Jonathan "Ollio" Josefsson, textile artist with graffitti background, opens 24.4 at Nordhemskonst

Saturday, 17 April 2010

post 401; easter art castle 3

Oh dear, I'm a bad blogger.
It seems my energy is being spread all around and focus is hard to find. Or, maybe it's just being directed elsewhere, think there will be a post about that.

Photos from the easter experience of staying in the pretty and haunted (but we never met the ghost) Gärsnäs castle. The opening evening was crowded with living people and I met quite a few old friends living in the south.

Aslaug Juliussen Norwegian textile designer

Have a a nice weekend, hopefully as spring sunny as here.

Monday, 5 April 2010

easter art event in Skåne 2

 Among the exhibitors at Gärsnäs slott:
Camilla Engman shows new drawings, collages and paintings, as always lovely, intriguing and with a suble humour.

Tina L. Frausin from the Furniture Fair in February showed objects in a mix of materials.

Fairytale ceramic sculptures by Maria Cotellessa 

All exhibitors here.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter art event in Skåne

Suddenly spring.

Over the Easter days I take part in an art event at Gärsnäs slott at Österlen, the most beautiful part of south Sweden. I was happy to place my pieces there,  the atmosphere is rustic. More than 20 exhibitors in the castle buildings; more photos soon. Addresses to all:

In Skåne, there is a tradition of artists opening their studios for a week around Easter, and thousands and thousands of visitors take trips to visit as many as they possibly can. Konstrundan in the eastern part, ÖSKG is the most well known (since 42 years) but there are followers, all web addresses here.