Thursday, 31 January 2008

a bit behind

I'm sketching.

The computer accident made me a bit behind with everything, but I'm catching up.

Collect is already over and I haven't looked at the exhibitors list yet.
Swedish galleries this year The Glassery, young ambitious glass gallery and Konsthantverkarna, reputable artist run craft gallery, both in Stockholm.

It's really late now, stormy weather outside, go to bed is a good idea. Sweet dreams!


mansuetude said...

Wow! You are working hard...! I can't imagine the proportions! I love the idea of spirals...very willing to open forth (outward and also to roll inward) like the currents of the sea, vibrations, all living feeling creature.

Is the small one a model? There will be growth ... is this any connection to the Buddhist tree that dies/and yet grows? A kind of stuppa is it called? I need to find some of those stories.

Your web page is all upsidedown in some way...had to go backward to go forward... " ) stormy here too.

Bibbi said...

Haha, Mansuetude, the model is tiny tiny. The bigger piece is thought to be a candelabra. That's true, they also have branches, but no spiritual tree. Sound interesting with what grows behind death.
Hope you have a peaceful storm :)

mansuetude said...

..ha ha! : )
a candlabra still poses the same symbolism... the light shining outward, not body, not earth, but fire (ie, spirit) --

the storm is all a blaring sunshine now, i am supposed to be at the beach (4 hours drive) three days ago.. i am so behind/lazy/busy busy...


j said...

three dimensional sketching