Tuesday, 22 January 2008

japanese visitor

Today was an office day, no studio but in my mind.

Mizue Ogiso from Japan stays in one of the guest studios at Konstepidemin. She has this small but full show in a window of Galleri 54 (an artist run gallery that opened, yes, 1954). Little sculptural buildings, light and precise.

Other artists that seem to enjoy their days:
Claydies, two Danish ceramic designers
Joo Youn Paek, pillowig
via Bientot Demain


Anonymous said...

Great notion Bibbi the studio in your mind.. but clearing enough space for it when you're in the office can be a problem I find... Hi from a rain drenched Cumbria...

Andrea Tachezy said...

Bibbi I am excited with pillowig - I would like to use it on my way to work. It is almost 2 hours in the train. That would be something!

Lylou said...

love the full moon...i took a walk in the moonlight the other night as well...it was beautiful.

by the way, i am keeping my internet for at least another month, so i am BLOGGING ON!

i love the internet.

karin said...

Oh, what's this? I love the works from Mizue you showed here, very nice! And the pillowig-link is fantastic.

mansuetude said...

What photos! The colors are so nice, the reflection--its like a dream and I love the rhythms in the depths of field.

That pillow thing is funny funny! It would be nice to have for Skiing too--when you fall down or get wiped out by other skiiers you could lay in the snow and rest...look up at the sky, and not get snow in your neck.

Just saw some images of yours over at Birdy lou's... have no idea how i found that, but i love the whole lay out of your work, the colors and the texture! You must be very connected to the earth,and the sea. Lovely.

Unknown said...

These images are amazing- thank you for sharing them. I think her work is really exciting and I am definitely going to ask her to be apart of the shiny squirrel.


Bibbi said...

Happy you like Mizue's work too! It is, in it's small scale, so very inspiring, had it in the back of my mind today, and think her way of exhibit also opened up some little window of creativity for me.

I would love to see a whole train full of pillowigs.

Paul, nice to hear from Cumbria, even if rainy!

Lylou, that's the spirit!

Mansuetude, who/where is Birdy Lou?
And how I wish there was more snow to lie on!

Bibbi said...

Ah, Mansuetude, Dear Ada :)

mansuetude said...

my instinct told me to clarify that--but i didn't listen, figured you all asked each other permission... i don't know much about blogging rules.. : )

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, neither do I :)
It's nice to know, thank you for telling me!

heather smith jones said...

I'm responding to the bright colors and the sparseness of the forms. very nice.

a pillowig could be dangerous ;)