Monday, 28 January 2008

clearing up

So unnecessary, the laptop fell to the floor and was injured. Oh dear.

Not to badly, but the internet connection is gone. It works with help of a memory stick and the old laptop that doesn't have any programs. Together they work well, but there are so many cables around.

More relaxed after last week's creative panic, fell in the usual traps: fear of failure and hope for success. Will try to be more present instead, this week.

I want to have tea here.

Camilla's new shoes.


j said...

beautiful sky.

glad you are feeling more relaxed. I look at your work and I have faith in you.

I'm happy for Camilla. it's a great design.

mansuetude said...

i tried to post last night, but i got maybe the blog dislikes me. : )

all day yesterday i and MY laptop and MY internet connection did not work! Its horrible to deal with all the wires! You should see the wires ...yours look so easy, managable.

I finally realised i could "steal" or hook on wireless to my neighbor's internet via the wireless connection in my laptop--so its not secure and very weak, but i feel successful against the dead Router modem ... a man is coming to fix it.

Get in the studio!!! : )
Pretty awesome for Camilla, I agree...and really, reading through Sandra's comments is amazing too--makes the world sort of small.

Bibbi said...

Thank you for faith!

Mansuetude; It's vulnerable, having this kind of connection! When it doesn't work I realize fully how attached I am to it. Hope your modem will be fixed soon, I want to read your comments everywhere I go (you are usually there long before me :))

paris parfait said...

How annoying about your laptop! Hope it gets resolved soon. Yes, looks like a lovely place to have a soothing cup of tea. And Camilla's new shoes are adorable!