Thursday, 10 January 2008

tamara and britta

Tamara Kuselman sent an invitation to an event in Barcelona.

We met the summer a year ago at Konstepidemin. Argentinian Tamara and
German Britta Eppinger were art students in Barcelona and part of an university exchange program. They came like heaven sent to work with me for a couple of weeks. I had a deadline for a mosaic commission and as it happened, they were both experts: Tamara cut my small circle shaped mirrors perfectly as she had worked with glass cutting before. And Britta had spent time restoring Gaudi mosaics in Barcelona. Couldn't be better.

I don't have a single photo from our studio work, to stressed to think clear I guess. Here are some photos from the finished work Britta and Tamara was part of. More here.

I don't know Spanish but understand Tamara's invitation is for her art project where she uses images of her family. Happy Family opens tomorrow January 11, wish I was in Barcelona. All my best wishes for the opening, Tamara, and tell me what happens!

Yesterday Mansuetude shared the most beautiful link, to sculptor Cal Lane


Andrea Tachezy said...

Cal Lane is super!

mansuetude said...

love those circles in the image above; it must be nice to have someone able to relax on your work like that: very nice to give comfort. Had to look at Cal Lane again and saw things I hadn't seen...doesn't it remind you of the whole notion of impermanence...and the rust colored earth, so close to dry blood of our impermanence--those prayer mandalas of sands the monks make and destroy... so much delicacy. Are we that delicate, that movable as the dusty earth on some level??

Bibbi said...

Yes, Cal Lane must be revisited many times.

Looking at the earth work I also thought of sand mandalas, how the monks put enormous effort into something that they later destroy in one quick stroke, like in one of the photos. I think like you Cals visualizes impermanence beautifully, along with other messages I must go back and find.

T. said...

Hello Bibbi!! thank you!!
You can see the final photos in my blog. Kisses