Saturday, 20 June 2009

happy midsummer!

This is the heaviest book I've ever held: The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers 2008. 13,5 kilo, 2400 pages where 1044 jewellery artists from 54 nations present themselves, nominated by jewellery artists. An amazing idea and I will visit Mona Wallström's studio (she's in it and thus has it) many times too look more. Once is not enough.
Read more at Darling publications

This blog seems to have taken early holidays, let's see for how long.
Happy midsummer to all!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

the smaller details

Thank you so much for the hoorays, I really appreciate it!
I'm in the post work mood, when it's almost difficult to understand the job is done. Fixed with updating my website and made albums as therapy. Really useful and for free here

More photos from Lidköping ceamic wall here
Work process here

I hope to have more time to look at what others do now. At Konstepidemin the HDK bachelor students fill the galleries, looks promising
HDK bachelor students presentations, click each name

Saturday, 6 June 2009

it's up in Lidköping

Photos by Richard

Three o'clock on Thursday we finally sat down, me and the excellent bricklayer Fredrik. We were pretty content when looking at the finished wall piece in the refurbished entrance of the hospital in Lidköping. I'll post a few photos here (thanks to Richard, I took only blurry photos of the final result myself) and come back with more details later. I'm tired and happy, now is time to rest.