Monday, 31 March 2008

post party

What a party! So much love. I'm tired today and very, very happy.
Thank you so much for congratulations!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

early in life

A much earlier version of me. This week was full of birthday preparations and not so much work. Have looked through most of my albums and piles of old photographs. It's fun! Realize I've lived a lot.

Today four shows open at Konstepidemin:
Bo Söderström, painter, in the main gallery
Karin Jonsson creates an installation in Pannrummet (a former boiler room with very special athmosphere)
Peter Hoogeboom, artist and jewellery designer, at Hnoss
and KV art school in the Blå Huset restaurant

Peace and joy for the weekend!
(Mansuetude, it's actually on Sunday)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

spring collection - or?

Short report: still winter.

Happy with kiln result yesterday, lots of new little pieces to put together. Last week I surprised myself with a strong wish to paint flowers and leaves instead of stripes only.

Agnes Montgomery photo collage, energy
via Czina likes

Jerry Bennett, ceramic constructions

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

my world is white

Some move freely, some move as they are told and some doesn't move at all.

This is very far from spring, but I'm happy for the winter even if out of rythm. Off to the studio, shall open the kiln and see what's hiding inside. Wish you all a good week!

Ingrid Bathe hand build and pinches such nice porcellain pots. She was kind to put me in her list of ceramic links, I'm honored, with artists I really like:
Meredith Knapp Brickell

Kirsten Kieffer

Saturday, 22 March 2008

santa comes for easter too

I hope your Easter is nice, how ever you celebrate it!

This lovely parcel arrived all the way from India and Tara Publishing, just in time for Easter. Like Christmas. A beautiful hand made, fine detailed, colourful, screenprinted book with lovely creatures of Indian tribal art. Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh; taste the words and imagine the smell of paper and how the print feels to fingertips. I'm so thankful, Nina!

The prints will find frames and a place to hang; can't say which one I like the most, maybe the tree crowned deer.

See here what else they publish, art books, fiction, children's books and more.

Learn more about Indian folk art at Paintings of India.

Follow Lylou's preparations to open new shop, Nourish, in Athens, Georgia.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

like a little factory

New slips are mixed, I was out of bluish black (for the leaves, looks iron red when unfired). I've been productive this week :) A kiln full of bisque ware is cooling, and maybe I will do some glazing one of the Easter days.

Douglas Florian, painter who inspires me
via, also inspiring, Sarajo world blog /webpage Sarajo Frieden

Waiting for more snow to come Ping Mag Snowglobes

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

season backlash

Yesterday was the coldest day this year, mean icy wind. Winter at Konstepidemin, neighbor Per's stone blocks dressed in snow. I didn't want to go outside. Poor flowers.

About the Denmark trip; I wish we could make one together, sit and chat in the cafeteria or even better if it's a summer day, up on deck. Watch the mix of people on board, truck drivers, families on their way to holidays with wild kids newly released from car belts, backpackers trying to look as if above the common crowd, elderly ladies with nice hairdo.

And all of a sudden be in another country, similar but yet so different.

Stephan Färber's photography
at Behance Network, platform for networking, portfolios and collaboration.

Swedish school Kulturverkstan:
2-årig kulturprojektledarutbildning, dags att söka till nästa läsår.

Monday, 17 March 2008

slow boat

A very short shopping day trip to Denmark. Best of all; plenty of talk time with old friend while being transported.

I'm off for the studio, it's snowing outside today!
Wish your week a good start!

For inspiration:
Vanna Bowles, performance, sculpture, drawings
Linnéa Jörpeland, sculpture, click "Arbeten" to see more photos

Saturday, 15 March 2008

animal park is back

Do you remember Erik Langert's animal park from February? The show is back in Göteborg and opens at the Maritime Museum today.
Erik's website.

Worrying: what happens in Tibet.
Radio Free Asia reports here.
Students for a free Tibet here.
Let's hope for a peaceful ending.

Wish you a weekend full of fun!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

stairs to climb down

The other day was such a beautiful morning, suddenly I started seeing so many towers stretching upwards.

Up in the sky; Cloud appreciation society
search "Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds" or just enjoy the amazing variety in something we see every day (at least here on the west coast)
via Wrong distance

Jacob Löber Buchmann, ceramic figures, click Werkübersicht

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


There are so many beautifully crafted things at Kalebassi, in Haga here in Göteborg. West African art and craft, will be back with more photos. First some of the music instrument that Margareta, shop owner, specialises in.

Had such a good studio day, frantic clay work. No photos, in this phase it all looks very grey. As always, when preparing for a show, the process itself brings a lot of new ideas (work is born out of work, for me) there is not time to follow. Clay must dry, be fired, glazed and fired again, it takes so long.

Save the ideas that doesn't fit into the whole image this time, for later. Now I calculate what needs two firings and what can be direct fired, what must be done now and what can wait a little longer. Show opens April 19, at Lerverk. Not a too big space but of course I want to do as good as I can.

Camilla is going ceramic, looks very good! It's a collaboration with Karin for her new shop Manos.
Joe Pogan, metal birds via Purple Homes

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

stress relief

This helps. Yoga classes around lunch time twice a week, and occasionally sauna, keeps me sane. A lot of effort and money was put in restoring Hagabadet in the nineties.

In the eighties, when the building from 1876 was still a wreck, it was a great place for clubs, the empty pool the dance floor. Both versions work.

Touch design team with a very sympathetic website (and nice designs)
Tahir Mahmood photography

Monday, 10 March 2008

mail from India

As a result of kolam-posts I received nice messages from India:

Found colourful blog An Indian summer, Indian interior design.
Discovered Tara Books, an independent Chennai based publishing house. Beautiful and thoughtful books and stationary.

See here how their hand crafted books are made.

So much to see, so little time these days. I'm preparing a big birthday party, a solo show and a little ski trip for the month to come, and I want to enjoy every moment of it, instead of feeling stressed. So, maybe my posting will be shorter than usual over the next weeks, and maybe I will not visit you as frequent. If I can resist.

Studio has top priority, though. Today I will continue play with flowers and smaller wreaths. Wish you a good Monday!

Friday, 7 March 2008

stroll along the beach

Frida Fjellman

Mia E Göransson

Renata Francescon

"It's no longer as it was to stroll along the beach" is the name of a craft exhibition, produced by the small but clever Dalslands museum. The show toured and is now at Röhss museum. It is all about artists' relation to nature and it's symbolism. Which us Swedes are known to have a strong, almost religious connection to, nature.

Curated by Love Jönsson, mostly younger artists, but also a couple of reminders of the radical sixties.

Sofia Björkman
Frida Breife
Tabea Dürr
Frida Fjellman
Agneta Flock
Renata Francescon
Mia E Göransson
Agnieszka Knap
Anders B. Liljefors
Jakob Robertsson
Charlotte Sinding and the group

Wish you all a fun and fulfilling weekend (including March 8)!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

little gallery tour

I feel a little like being on the run when I go to look at others exhibitions instead of working on my own. I'ts so sunny it's difficult to concentrate.

Dutch jewellery artist and designer Ted Noten, shows his Amsterdam at Galleri Hnoss
More pieces at Klimt02.

Konstepidemin artist Ragnar Schmid, I almost forgot! how could I!? show at Galleri Aveny until March 9. Previous exhibition.

Röhss museum photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

slow revolution

Flooding sun, compensation days are here for all the gloomy winter behind us.

Got an email the other day from Andy Horn from Craftspace, a craft development organisation based in Birmingham, England. Craftspace seems to have a very fresh approach to defining craft and craft artists. Read more about what they do here.

He wrote about his new research project Slow, investigating the connection between craft and the slow movement (slow food, slow cities), a collaboration with artist Helen Carnac.

The project has a blog, and ask people to take part in the debate:
Making a slow revolution

Already revolutionary:
Bean Finneran, ceramic and colour

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

sun is back

Mid February the sun rises high enough to reach into my studio again. Yesterday I almost had to wear sunglasses. Today seems to be as bright.

I'm playing around with my flowers, making wire leaves. Haven't decided yet, let's see.

Sea and sky photo blog
Studio Libertiny honeycomb vase via Craftzine blog