Wednesday, 30 January 2008

not without my handbag

Tagged by Karin "Show me a special something, important or beautiful or meaningful or full of memories for you - or all of that - and tell me about it."

Had to think for a while until I saw it right in front of my nose.
The handbag.

My helpful friend, keeper of all things necessary. Big enough for files, calendar, camera, notebooks, books, phone and sometimes groceries. Sturdy enough for biking rainy days.

Full of memories from a fantastic week in Berlin the football World Cup summer of 2006. A rented apartment at Oranienstrasse and the bag shop nearby.

The design has a point, combining recycling with craft. The embroidery is a sari and the material is from used truck tarpaulins and tires. This bag is urbanity and craft.

It opens up for conversations with all kinds of people wherever I go. It must be something like what you dog owners experience all the time, very nice.

Pelle Mia website
Freitag is similar, more high tech (and I think they were first, but without the saris...)
Freitag Design a truck contest

And while I'm at Berlin shopping, here are my favourite shoes, Trippen. Some models are a bit heavy for me, but I have two absolute favourite pairs, same model in wine and black. And I would love a pair of boots.

Lylou handbags, softer bags but not less colourful.

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karin said...

Love this handbag answer. Your bag looks both: practical and beautiful - and very original as well.
I like Trippen shoes too, they are great.

paula said...

Hej Bibbi!
Vilken fantastik site med skor, precis som himlen för en skoälskare. Har sparat siten som favorit, synd bara att det är så svårt att köpa skor via nätet, krävs nästan att man måste prova. Får väl dra till Berlin, det är ju en oupptäckt fläck än så länge, har bara varit i öst, på den tiden, det fanns ett öst.
Allt gott!
Blogga på, jag kollar och inspireras!

Bibbi said...

Karin, it was really not easy to chosse one thing, until the handbag hit me, glad you enjoyed the answer to you question (which I forwarded instead of the original question):)

Bibbi said...

paula! säg till när du åker så ska jag ge sig adressen till deras andrasorteringsbutik :) I forna öst.

Camilla Engman said...

jag skulle kunna tänka mej att åka till Berlin bara för att få köpa några Trippen. Jag har ett par som jag köpt i Köpenhamn för länge länge sedan. Jag tror inte den affären finns kvar. Tack för taggen :)

Camilla Engman said...

Jo förresten, det finns ibland Trippen skor i en affär nära HDK som heter... Fraiche? eller Peche?

mansuetude said...

dear ms bibbi thank you so much-- for all of it!! : )

i love your bag, and the idea of its journeys, your hand on it, filling it, with things and memories, too. It is now three tags i am behind... Camilla, Andrea and you--i'm very lucky woman!

asphalt and air said...

you've blogged about a few of my favorite companies! Freitag and Trippen. Their designs are too wonderful. My Trippen boots have been on many wonderful adventures and my Freitag bag is the newcomer - also destined for greatness!
It's nice to see your bag - colorful and fun and practical.

Susan Schwake said...

what a perfectly wonderful handbag. in every way.
going to explore the Freitag. thinking about my travels to germany this summer and how much a new bag would be wonderful.

Bibbi said...

Lucky Susan who both has a trip to Germany and a handbag choice in a near future :)

Yes, Kristi, they are extraordinary, a real company. Hope your boots will take you far!

Mansuetude, no stress :)

Camilla, jo på Teatergatan, fast de har bara några få modeller. Men man kan ju prova storlekar i alla fall. Och sniffa lite.

paris parfait said...

A very lovely bag - useful, but still gorgeous!