Sunday, 13 January 2008

100 + 1 + Korean ceramic

I missed the 100 post celebration on Friday (to busy celebrating new glasses or maybe I just can't count)! Instead, let's celebrate number one hundred and one today.

Being a new blogger I first thought "Where are all the interesting bloggers?". I started with the few I knew and Camilla was a great help. Now I have more subscriptions in the reader than time to read, it's like diving into the ocean, endless. You can imagine I'm happy over the new glasses.

Through blogging I've found so much inspiration, so many brilliant ideas, so many artists, so much art and craft, so many thoughts and ideas. I'm thankful to all of you who share so generously. There is also a lot of crap out there, which is also good knowledge.

The other question "What can I share?" was also there. I soon realized the blog as an important space for self reflection and to seek out the one thing every day worth telling. The blogging creates some healthy distance to look at what I do, where my mind goes and what I aspire for. It might picture reality as more harmonious and pretty than it really is, but in the end I find more truth.

A few times I've fallen in the trap of duty, sharing not from my heart but from what I "ought to". When I felt that happen I next felt my mind reel with the thought "But this is my space, I don't need to fulfill anything".

I don't think a revolution has happened, but I really do think the time spent looking and telling is rewarding. I feel more confident, my directions get more clear (in an unclear way).

And I get to look around at Konstepidemin, keep track of my artist neighbours' work.

And of course all the kind words you've poured over me matters. Not just the positive feedback, but the whole idea of communicating makes me happy.

And I get to practice my English. Sometimes I feel, just like Andrea, that my language is primitive. I envy your wit and playfulness, and hopefully I learn from you.

So there are many good reasons to go on.
Now, what happened this weekend?

Went to the opening of Korean ceramic artist Kim Youn Gon show at Sintra, Göteborg.
More photos here. Delicately slip decorated stoneware, all functional poetic perfection, rooted in Korean ceramic tradition.

He probably wouldn't be here if not for
Jooeun Han, who came here as a student and later set up his studio here in Göteborg. I'm glad he is here, bring more friends!

And I started a new blog, so far more an info page, for the girl's football (soccer) team Football in my heart, in Swedish with lots of pictures. Plan is to take the team to Minneapolis for a major football cup this summer.


Camilla Engman said...

Grattis, till nya glasögon och 100 inlägg! Hoppas det blir många minst 1000 till (inlägg alltså inte glasögon).

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- happy 100th post! Does it seem like it came quickly? I'm glad you're here and I appreciate your reflections on the reasons you blog. I think you are always from the heart and you are generous at sharing the work of the others around you in your community. What a great place to be. I think blogging is helpful for reflecting on what we do in our own work too.
I look forward to 100 times 100 more posts from you!

Andrea Tachezy said...

Bibbi, it is so very nice written!
You wrote exactly, what I am thinking of.

mansuetude said...

so how does it feel to be 101 ...? long life and prosper...

I needed this post, and love the honesty, the introspection of its words--the heart ! I still ask myself so many questions like this, too.

sometimes I fear everyone wants to imitate each other so much, and that the power of sharing our own individual voice, perspectives, artistic outpourings, (little crumbs in a forest of a huge noisy world); it gets lost if we become imitation copies of each other's way of blogging, or presenting.. or expressing self here? >

anyway...there is too much to say, too many little shadows on this topic in me. last night my dog was very sick, outside eating grass very late and i went to your blog and looked at art from a gallery. It was a nice gift... I am starting to wonder of a "feeling" or "soulfulness" or certain energies of/on blogs, like the soul behind it leaves its energy there, or something i don't understand yet...? love the pottery, all that meditative etching... is a gift of soul.

sandra said...

håller med camilla, tusen miljoner helst :) förstår vad du menar med engelskan, även om jag tycker att din är allt annat än primitivo.

j said...

no more new kid on the block. :)

your question, "what can I share?" is an important one. such a struggle to answer, I find.

your honesty comes through; I appreciate your writing, your blog, very much.

I love to see your work, your photography, and I enjoy seeing the work of others that you appreciate and share. your blog is an incredible gallery.

and Bibbi- one more thing... I will always remember you as the person who introduced me to the katt-trappa. Thank you. :)

Bibbi said...

Oh, how I love to have you all here!
And how I love to visit you all!

I was never good at writing diaries (except when travelling, when I turn into a diary maniac). But this is something else, blogging is no solo show. Don't stop :)

Mansuetude, hope your dog is better! From imitation can come a voice, too, with time and practice, I think.

paula said...

Hej Bibbi!

Verkligen fina och välbeskrivande ord om, hur, varför osv man/vi bloggar.
Det är ju klart inspirerande att ta del av hur andra uppfattar sin omvärld, vad man inspireras av, fyller sitt liv med etc. och hur man jobbar konstnärligt...Jag tycker att det är en reality värld, mycket mer spännnade än alla dokusåpor ihop, den "lilla" världen, vardagen kan och är oftas mer innehållsrik än det vi tycks se och uppleva i just vardagen, men när man (jag) bloggar inspiration och vart jag befinner mig, så uppdagas det ju oftas att man faktiskt fyller sitt liv och just vardag med en massa "bra- att - ha- grejer"...

Din engelska är ju superduper bra! Åtminstone i min värld, jag kör med the Muppet show engelska, men jag försöker ju iallafall och jag ger inte upp... Men det är och blir ju definitivt mer flyt när jag skriver på svenska.

Jag gillar att du startat en ny blogg om fotboll! Inte alls mitt intresse, men jag tycker att ibland så möts man av att konst och idrott inte går hand i hand, vilket blir både tydligt och bra i ditt fall... Det ena behöver inte utesluta det andra.
Så keep up the good work!!!

Jag kollar så ofta jag kommer åt, du är ju typ bara ett knapptryck bort.

Cally said...

Happy 100!
You really do have a lovely blog Bibbi. I like what you wrote in this post about what blogging means to you, how it helps, the little difficulties of duty that we sometimes need to ride past.

I wish I had endless time and energy so that I could visit more often, or comment more. Thanks for sharing with us.