Wednesday, 9 January 2008

studio visitors

Top photo is to show Heather how dark a gray morning in Göteborg is this time of year (9 o'clock, in Luleå the light comes around 11). Catch every ray of light!

I live on top of a hill (overheard a cell phone conversation today, a woman I could tell from her dialect is from the flat south Sweden said "I'm on some bloody alp here". That's an exaggeration) and have my studio on the next, by the arrow.

Today Camilla and Morran visited the studio. Camilla is guestblogging at Designsponge, she will tour her blogfriends in Göteborg (among other things) and I'm happy to be one of them, here. It was fun to see what photos she took, seeing with fresh eyes. I think the studio is rather grey and dusty; in her eyes it was much colourful than I thought.

She asked who my favourite ceramic artist is and I gave her the top name, since I heard him give a lecture some 15 years ago, Jun Kaneko. Not only his work but also the approach, how could I miss having him in my favourite list?

Read about Jun Kaneko here, from Mission Clay Project in Christa Assad's blog here, more photos here.

Rest of the day was filled with things that had nothing to do with ceramics, like a nice lunch meeting with the group of parents planning next summer's football trip. Hopefully 25 of our fourteenyearold girls in Azalea BK will play USA Cup in Minneapolis next summer. And hopefully I'll go with them. Will let you know what happens with this little side activity.


Lylou said...

OMG...that photo of Moran made me scream. HOW CUTE! I wish my puppies were small enough to carry around in my coat, but they are the size of otters and look like one too. teehee.

Anonymous said...

hittade hit via camilla engmans gästbloggande och blev förtjusad med en gång. säljer du din keramik någonstans? läste det du skrivit om Sverker Eklunds flickor. så fantastiskt bra skrivet!

Bibbi said...

Morran is a very special character and welcome back (so is Camilla).

It must feel good to be in the company of funny looking puppies :)

Bibbi said...

Hej, roligt att du uppskattar min keramik! Just nu säljer jag bara från min verkstad och från utställningar. Jag ligger i startgroparna för att sälja från hemsidan, eller hitta ett annat bra sätt att sälja på nätet, men är inte där riktigt ännu.
Har du vägarna förbi Göteborg kan du höra av dig om du vill.

Roligt att du tyckte om Sverker-texten också, han är en fantastiskt inspirerande konstnär.

karin said...

really grey and blue, you probably don't see anything without electric light in your studio.
Ah,your visitors have been a kangaroo mommy with his little baby :)

mansuetude said...

love your orange arrow top photo--felt like I was commanded to fall through the sky into its point!

Your studio tour and work are so warm & wonderful! and please no "dust" of a ceramic kind hanging too near your breathings : ) The world need your kind to last a good long time!

Love also the Kaneko links: those huge dumpling objects made me think of half naked virgins in some way, : Can't imagine all his works don't crack up in the drying process.

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- wow, it is kind of grey for that late in the morning, but it sure makes the windows look beautiful and coppery!

I'm going to check out your designsponge link :) I would love to be in your studio and be surrounded by your work and of course to meet you!

Andrea Tachezy said...

Bibbi, you have very nice studio!I think you had a perfect day,though the morning is so grey and dark

Bibbi said...

This week was so busy I didn't take time to reply until this new early Monday morning.

It would be lovely to have each of you for a studio fika!

Mansuetude, don't worry about the dust, I'm careful, but it's impossible to get rid of the little particles that seems to unite with the paint itself. Making all look a little greyish and not at all as pretty as in a textile artist's studio.