Tuesday, 8 January 2008

from the icy north

Still a little untold from our New Year trip to the north.

This is the city park in Luleå, my home town, where every winter a new snow animal is created. So far the rain made snow sculpting impossible. We all know why by now.

Here are the sculptures from earlier years.

This time of year there is only daylight for a couple of hours. The sunsets are long and intensely, incredibly blue. I get very sleepy and cannot believe it's only six o'clock when I think it's time to go to bed.

And when the the sun rises a clear day every ray is precious.

World beach project
is growing, makes me long for summer.

Here you can find out what is your fairy name.
I'm Field Icewitch, suitable for a girl from a cold place:

She is a bone chilling bringer of justice for the vulnerable.
She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow.
She is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She likes to wear red petals in her skirt. She has icy blue butterfly wings.


paula said...

Hej Bibbi!
Ibland är vi snubblande nära i vårt bloggande. Idag fick jag world beach project via mail från en kompis som visste att jag gjort lite sten"skulpturer" i Spanien, och jag tänkte blogga länken imorgon + bild... Lika så, så kollade vi in Nan Goldin nästan samtidigt, bara en dag emellan, fast jag var där idag igen, för jäklar vad det var/är bra! Har tagit några tips ifrån din blogg och lagt till på min sida...
Ha det så himla gött och vi får väl fortsätta inspireras av varandra, eller åtminstone jag ifrån dig, men också på ett märkligt omedvetet plan...

Bibbi said...

Vad roligt att korsa spår, både fysiska och virtuella, hoppas det fortsätter! Ha det gott du med!

paula said...

Hej igen Bibbi.
Tack för att du kollat in julbloggandet, såg din kommentar.
Jag har haft det gött och jag har haft kameran i högsta hugg överallt och när som helst...
Nu är det allt natten katten som vi säger i min familj... Allt gott och ge mig/oss mer braiga intryck!
jag är inne och kollar så ofta jag kan.

heather smith jones said...

"seen in enchanted moments", yes that suits you :)
I didn't think about you having only six hours of daylight!

Cally said...

delightful post, and the links to the animal sculptures, they are all so wonderful. I especially loved the snow hares (or rabbits) and the owl.

we had snow for 1 day this week and now the rain pours down and down and down. I miss the snow, the way it can make even the ugliest place beautiful. it's good that everywhere you go is already beautiful anyway.

Bibbi said...

Haha, but it's such a struggle sometimes to reach the enchanted moments.

Yes, it's dark here in Göteborg but in Luleå it's dark! close to the polar circle the sun only manages to show it's nose it's only for one hour, at the darkest time. Compensation comes in summer when it never gets dark at all.

Some hate it, I love it but it's someties difficult to be alert and effective, darkness is more for cosiness and slow pace.

There is a lot of raining going on, I miss snow too, such a mood changer when it comes.

Unknown said...

that photo of the trees is breathtaking...I love the tiny line in the background with the sunrise/sunset.


marie-louise said...

Hej Bibbi,
Jag tittade just på design sponge och såg bilderna från din verkstad. Så fina grejjer du gör!
Både ansiktena och frukterna och formerna. Nu blev jag imponerad!

Bibbi said...

Thank you Jessica, the light of the sky that far north has a beauty of it's own, very different from here, and I love it.

Tack Marie Louise! Visst är det roligt att hitta varandra så här :)