Wednesday, 16 January 2008

shows at konstepidemin right now

Hnoss gallery shows jewellery artist Anna Martinsson. I've always liked her work, inspired by traditional ornaments, like the jewellery in national costumes. It's a lot about love, like wedding rings and crowns. This exhibition "Memento" moves around in the renaissance era.

Anna Martinsson web page here.
Article (Swedish) here.

(the main gallery shows Tore Ahnoff paintings, article here, Swedish, sorry)

Truike Verdegaal has something in common with Anna, also touched by another time, I like the Bird Collection.

Cally's blog is all about white this month. So many surprising and beautiful links to follow! Best thing is there is a lot of January left, more to look forward to.


Andrea Tachezy said...

Nice links, as always. I like the rings, so simple and sensitive. Today I thought I should start with ceramic - when I saw the "clay horse"

heather smith jones said...

The first image is amazing! I'm going to check out the links now.

I hope your week is going well Bibbi!

Bibbi said...

andrea, I'm frantically looking for the clay horse, where?!
is it this?

Heather, week is ok, a little bit too much office, but ok. Seems like your's is fine :)

Andrea Tachezy said...

Bibbi, that was just a stupid joke, when you´ll visit my blog, you´ll understand it.Sorry.

mansuetude said...

this is funny! the comments. The clay horse is worth visiting...

this blog is like a classroom, with new things to learn, i love that!

Cally said...

Bibbi, you are so kind, thanks for the mention. I was worrying people may be tired of all the white, but if you are happy then i am happy too.

I am trying to find some of my own white work to show now that I have access to a scanner - finally I can show work from old photographs, maybe even more of my ceramics.

Today we have heavy rain, but looking at your previous post with all those beautiful greens, I am reminded of spring, only a few months away, and I feel better.

paris parfait said...

Anna Martinsson's work is gorgeous! And the others you mentioned are also lovely. Such a variety of art, all of it beautiful and unique.

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, sometimes I like reading comments and follow them much more than the posts. A travel adventure.

Cally, looking forward to seeing more of your own work, but you sure keep us happy when showing others' too :)

Tara, I can understand you like them. Wish you could have seen her last show too, at the botanical garden, jewellery telling romantic love stories, lots of flower petals .