Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hållbara hem/sustainable houses

This year's summer exhibition at Nääs, all about sustainable living.

It is a continued cooperation from last year's successful event Hållbara Hem/Sustainable homes. Nääs houses the contemporary as well as the traditonal craft, and also a center for architectural preservation. This goes so well together.

In one of six designed sheds, I am happy to be one of three ceramic artists who is invited to illustrat sustainability in the form of quality and things being well designed for the specific location. There will be a few more posts from Nääs soon.

Info (only in Swedish here)...
Another day at Nääs, all the wooden buildings...

Vidöppet, summer show in Alingsås

I'm one of eleven artist who will show work at Alingsås Konsthall, from Saturday 21/5 and all summer long. It's a mix of expressions and materials:
Ceramics: Anita Carlsson
Textile: Katrin Bawah, Gunilla Hallberg, Britta Kleberg
Glass: Helena Kaiser, Elin Tollbom,
Wood: Ulf Celén
Jewellery: Ida Lindberg, Paula Lindblom, Mona Wallström

And me. Ceramics just like before.