Monday, 20 June 2011

Colleague: Anita Carlsson and seminars in West Sweden

It happens so that Anita Carlsson is my co-exhibitor at both at Nääs and in Alingsås Konsthall over summer. Anita is a well kept secret, she doesn't, yet, have a webpage though her work is worth to be seen by so many more.

Here photos from the shelfs in her studio, big ceramic relief tiles at Nääs and little gems from the show in Alingsås. Her work can be found at Lerverk.

I have hope there will be more activity here from now on. My daily job at KHVC is mostly computer work and this winter it was too much to come home to sit by another computer; eyes are sore even if eager.

But the good thing; the KHVC site in English is slowly growing, I recently added two craft events, a jewelry seminar in Göteborg and a textile three day happening in Borås, here: target="_blank"