Wednesday, 30 September 2009

studio in sight, finally

I've finally finished all must-do-first and spent some time in the studio. It's very dusty, first there is a lot of cleaning and reorganizing to be made, to make myself familiar with the place again. It's been so long!
I've fallen into online game-sites, it's like a swamp I must be rescued from. But first, these creatures looks sweeter than most.

Umbrella installations at Crooked Brains

Friday, 25 September 2009

cambodian connections

This week I was busy at Konstepidemin. Heart warming meeting with Cambodians at Konstepidemin was one highlight. Meeting people doing so much from so little is inspiring.
Look here...
Reyum, such an important culture platform in Cambodia
The photos are from our trip to Pnom Penh a few years ago. How I wish to come back.

Having 40 visitors at Konstepidemin and managing a full day program for them in artists' studios and lectures on Wednesday, was fun too and took some time to prepare.

Monday, 21 September 2009

up and coming

Hanna Michaelsson, up and coming textile artist, shows her project Hårda maskor at Göteborgs Konstförening, such a nice Sunday afternoon visit. Crocheted owls in bronze and wood, a little forest world in itself.

PS Didn't make it to the New Zeeland jewellery seminar Saturday, to much football team catering and attic space cleaning to be done. But I came in time to the nice party. Paula was there all day, look here...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

black and white are gone

Two pieces that spent some time in my studio has arrived to their destination. They are now put in glass cases in the revolving entrance door at the hospital in Uddevalla, north of Göteborg.

This was too short and too far away: Lingam at Konstfack.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

to the world from new zeeland

Think I'm slowly catching up, now I'm doing things I thought about doing in May. Still not much studio work in sight, only office things, but it's getting closer.

At galleri Hnoss Warwich Freeman shows jewellery. There will be a seminar on Friday - Reconsidering Identity - with New Zeeland jewellery artists, I want to attend. Warwick's rings are made of minerals from the whole New Zeeland, thus describing the variation and diversity of many things. I want to hear more.

Seminar info here...
Fingers New Zeeland contemporary jewellery artist group

Friday, 4 September 2009

biennial salon To the world!

This week I posted more at the Konstepidemin blog, things are really hectic there this week with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art coming up. Sneak opening and mingle at Konstepidemin satellite tonight at 6-10 pm, most welcome!

There will be a salon with many of the Konstepidemin artists in the gallery and also installations and happenings around the premises. And it will go on all autumn, inspiration every day.

I had an ambitious plan for the salon which I didn't manage fulfilling, save it for later. Instead I'll show three green little growing pieces, part on a forever ongoing project Mycelia.

The Konstepidemin blog
The full Satellite program To the World!
The Biennial web page