Monday, 14 January 2008

green reaction

At lunch yesterday, Mona suddenly saw the coincidence:
Each and every person around our table wore something green: Ola and Malin from Big Wind, Anna, Amalia and a few others, Per was also there.

Not one person at the other tables.
See above proof of this little mystery.

1. Maybe we are all tired of red after christmas and unconsciously seek the opposite?
2. Maybe we sense a new trend?
3. It also happened so the light holder at our table was green. Maybe this first green at the empty table attracted next, and so on?

The candle holders are made by me for the restaurant.

Today was a full office day, my new glasses worked hard.

Barbro Raen Thomassen has made green grass sculptures, and much more. I stayed there for a long time.


mansuetude said...

some minds just open into each other.. it happens a lot if you pay attention! My sisters and i have weird linking... miles don't want to know!!

i played a game with my neices yesterday: Green. we had to name the green things we see or imagine. lots of silly,silly language fun.

mansuetude said...

post @#2

wOW ! to your link... i just read that phrase about our days being as grass yesterday in an odd place--the graves took my breath out of me...the texts blow my mind. i wish i could look at them up close...maybe with some new glasses : ) !!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's our northern instincts to want to see something OTHER than whites and greys and browns. :)

heather smith jones said...

which green {in addition to the great candle holders} is you?

Lylou said...

green is my favorite color! i wish i could fall asleep in it right now and never wake up. it would be a little slice of heave...

Bibbi said...

So, green is in the air for all of us. Spring is soon here!

My green is next to Amalia's shoes.

paris parfait said...

I love all the green and your candleholders! Just fabulous.