Saturday, 19 January 2008

full moon

Today was an almost magic walk home, around five o'clock and the full moon rising.

Good studio day, had a small creative break through. Hope your week started off well, too!

Monday night is for ER. I'm addicted, missed the first episode ever last season. It will never happen again. Understanding friends have taped for me when I've been away, so that I could watch 4 hours in a row when back again.

There is a lot to learn from ER, I've managed difficult medical situations with confidence gained from watching so many actors playing doctors. And last week there was a line of great wisdom, don't remember from which character:

"There is only one way forward and that is through"

Something to think about. Don't tell me what will happen, we are one season behind here in Sweden!

Åsa Herrgård updated her website, beautiful photos from her project in China and from installing a new commission outside Göteborg.

Feffakookan makes nice guns.


mansuetude said...

i saw that moon bright at 4:30 this morning when i woke (but went back to pillows,etc) and your city is so beautiful.!

love the guns ...
i love George Clooney...but don't watch your show or many sister's are hooked on another one called Grey's Anatomy-- is ER in english or Swedish voices?

j said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful sky, moon, and reflection on the water.

Bibbi, I have a little ache in my knee when I run- what can I do for that? You can send me the bill...

I'm glad to hear that you had a good day in the studio. Very happy for you.

Bibbi said...

Mansuetude, I couldn't imagine George Clooney speak Swedish :) Subtitles, thank god.

J, haha, I only deal with emergencies!

Glad you both shared the moon with me.

heather smith jones said...

here the moon reflecting on the snow makes night look like day!

I want to hear more about your breakthrough!! hooray!

Mel Robson said...

Hi Bibi,

beauuuuutiful pictures! the colour of the sky is spectacular!
Thanks for the mention too!

Andrea Tachezy said...

Last night the full moon was like a lamp shining into my bed.

Andrea Tachezy said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for link to ER. Best program!
We can acually BUY there clothes too!
Would be perfect as working outfit, don't you think?
Glad to hear of your medical skills, in case I should fall and brake something :)
Love from studio partner.

Bibbi said...

Would love to scrub in for studio work in ER outfit, Ami!

Don't have medical skills, but medical confidence :) That will help a lot if it happens, which I hope it don't!

Bibbi said...

Hearing of our common full moons from all over the planet is nice.