Thursday, 19 June 2008

it's all about the strawberries

We finally got rain and grass is getting green again. This time of year it's all about finding the perfect strawberries.

They are needed tomorrow when we celebrate Midsummer (a few days too early actually, to make it fit with a weekend, which means you can celebrate twice).

It's most beautiful and melancholic. Marks the beginning of summer and at the same time days will turn back towards darkness. Next week I'll be in Luleå and even farther north where the midnight sun rules. I'll show you!

All work is done, from now on only preparations for summer activities. I'll pop in a post now and then, when connected. Thank you all, so much, for this my first season of blogging. Wish you a happy Midsummer, and summer and summer. See you around!

A few of those new to me from this blog season, for rainy days:
Jason De Caires Taylor underwater sculpture
Bjørn Lie drawings and more
Elspeth Diederix photography
Painting of India
Warwick Orme Flora Nova
Lindsey Feuer cceramic
Mariana Monteagudo sculptures
Anders Jirås panorama of the Brayuvangs Pagoda, Phnom Penh (maybe not so new but a favourite)
Ashes and snow, Gregory Colbert

I could go on.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

the occasional blogger

Posts doesn't come regularly these days. To many disturbances called life. Nothing bad, just all at once. And football games. Hope you are patient with me.

No studio time either. I'm preparing invitations for an event at Konstepidemin in September. We'll invite all kinds of "professional art users" from libraries, theatres, galleries, companies and so on. The day will focus, more than the usual open day in May, on how artists and their work can be used in commissions, as surprisers, discussion-openers and so on. Will bring new connections, hopefully.

The warm wind is back again. Wish you a peaceful time.

Gunilla Maria Åkesson, show at Rörstrand Museum until end of this month.
Also wish I could see Colourware at Flow Gallery, London.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

time is precious

Maria Kristofersson clocks are lowtech earthenware lovely. See them at Sintra or at her webpage.

45 minutes left of the Sweden-Greece football/soccer game (European championships). Still no goal. Almost too nervous to watch but I can't hold myself. Must go back.

Quick link:
Silvia Zotta, visual artist in Buenos Aires

Thursday, 5 June 2008

football field

This sports arena, Slottskogsvallen, was built as part of a huge 300 year jubilee in Göteborg in 1923. It's really charming. See more photos here from soccer game at Hope Solo's former home field (goal keeper in the U.S. national soccer team).

No, I don't play myself but love the big soccer championships. Now it's just a few days left to Euro 2008.

Tracey Bush butterflies
Tracey Bush plants

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

after work

Both a yoga class today and an evening like this, I'm at peace.

World beach project is growing
Denis Darzacq photography

Monday, 2 June 2008

hammarkullen is hot

Once a year one of the suburbs in Göteborg, Hammarkullen, explodes in a three day carneval. Always fun but this year something special with tropical heat (some other years the lightly dressed dancers had huge goose bumps from the cold, you just never know in this climate). And they danced for four hours in high heels in the heat! I'm so glad I went there and didn't go swimming.

Really couldn't choose just a few.

Another colourful event:
Massimo Silenzio, installation by Giancarlo Neri