Tuesday, 26 May 2009

almost there

Photos from last days work, frantic. Almost finished, hope to be all finished by end of this week, wish me luck.

Yesterday I gained some sense of control. Realized that I had transformed worries over the result to being stressed over the tight timeschedule. Still, I don't have much time but feel more relaxed. Rearranged all the pieces outside the studio, Ami gave a good eye, thank you! As always, it's at the very end of a work process the new ideas arrive. Like an inbuilt carrot to keep you continue.

Ami also did a good job cleaning the studio yesterday (again thank you!) because on Saturday 30.5 we have the annual Open Day at Konstepidemin, see the whole program here.
Most welcome!

Thursday, 21 May 2009


As I say, I'm hopelessly behind, still on last weekend. Tillt (new name for the former Skådebanan) had a lovely party to celebrate their new office. Rooftop ceremony, cakes and champagne; couldn't have been better.
Tillt works to bridge between the arts and workplaces and support the creative processes. Over the last years they've run a successfull artist-in-residence program but also come up with new ideas how these different cultures can get connected and made useful for each other. Hurra and good luck!

Last weekend I also got to meet Marie-Louise from Uppsala, amazing how blog world suddenly is alive and present. This weekend will mean studio work, strangely enough I find this phase of the work peaceful even if I really should feel more stressed. Maria at Konstepidemin took some photos in the studio yesterday, I don't look organized. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

after rain...

...comes sun. After work comes coffee break. The cups are from a porcelain print and paint collaboration some years ago, by studio partner Ami Lanmark and illustrator/painter Annmari Olsson (she is very funny).

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lidköping printing ladies

It's been a long week, I double office and studio; no time for blogging.

Catching up; these two brave ladies, Iréne Magnusson and Inger Franzén-Storm, deserves their post. Instead of changing their jobs when Rörstrand factory was closed they bought the whole Rörstrand printshop with all equipment and materials and started on their own. Now they make ceramic transfer prints on special orders from their former employer and from independent designers and artists. They can do everything from the original work to print and decoration.

They also kept the old example collection from the Rörstand days, a cultural heritage. Touching examples of high and low.

Their website is in Swedish only, contact them for prices (decent pricing, a start cost for every print and after that price per sheet)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

outside studio

Outside my studio door things happen too.
My nextdoor neighbor, sculptor Pecka Söderberg had his studio open for visitors last weekend, look here...

Work weekend for me, enjoy your days whatever you do.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

so much to do

Deadline for Lidköping wall is first week in June and I'm hopelessly behind. Work, work, work. Lucky it's been rainy, that's good for discipline.

Cynthia Atwood, sculptures

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fabriken LDKP

Fabriken (The Factory) LDKP is an exciting initiative located in parts of the former Rörstrand factory. They have facilities for guest artists or designers to come and work for a period of time or for a specific project. They can develop design ideas and produce them, like a small scale factory. Mould makers, enormous kilns, access to the former factory laboratory, they can press hard fired tiles, they have space and they are super friendly.

They are open for all sorts of ideas that works with their development of Fabriken LDKP. At present the staple production is piggy banks, a production they inherited from earlier days.

Read more here and contact:

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

rörstrand, rest in peace

A few years ago the last Swedish porcelain factory, Rörstrand in Lidköping closed down. Rörstrand as a brand still exists and there are new designs. A lot of energy is put into making the former factory area an arena for contemporary ceramics. I must take it in portions.

First, there is a museum with the production throughout the centuries and it's mindblowing to think how many Swedish ceramic icons who worked here. Find all the names here

Rörstrand history
(Swedish wikip)
Rörstrand designers today

The huge sculptures are from an firing event with Danish clay artist Nina Hole last summer, click Beneath the blue to see photos.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

spring celebration

This weekend is long and lovely. Valpurgis night bonfire, a sudden summer day at the beach and another well spent in the studio. And Sunday is still left, it's like a little holiday.

Tzuri Gueta design and jewellery