Friday, 11 January 2008

my new friends and shows

These are my new friends!
Like a miracle, it's all so sharp on the screen. Also think half the wrinkles will go away when I no longer squeeze my whole face to focus. So relaxed.

This week was hectic and I'm glad it's Friday. Seems like everybody got a lot of energy from having holidays. Gallery season has started, here are invitations from Konstepidemin artists this weekend.

Opens tonight, Friday 18-21, Japanese guest artist Mizue Ogiso at the artist run Galleri 54. Look at Mizues smile and understand it's nice to see her around. She shares one of the guest studios with Mitsuhiro Ikeda

Lena Rydén, photo from Lena

Tomorrow's openings:
Lena Rydén at Olsson & Uddenberg
Patrik Andiné at Galleri 1
Gunilla Hansson at Galerie Oijens

Carina Fihn at Göteborgs Konstförening
Helen Dahlman's The girl and the bear at Galleri Koch, Stenungsund

and finally Berit Jonsvik, at Konstnärshuset Kungsbacka, stories from the inner of Japan.

Maybe it will be a busy weekend, too :).
Hope you all have a lot of fun!


Andrea Tachezy said...

I know this miracle with glasses. But in my case just helps to clean them!
I like Carina Fihn very much.Have a nice weekend.

mansuetude said...

i like your new friends
they will always be there when you need them (hopefully), help you see things better and never break your heart (unless you sit on them) ;)>

will have to come back for the links...peac.e

Bibbi said...

I'm not used to use them yet, forget to put them on and when I find them (after regular short where-are-my-glasses?-tour) it's such a relief to put them on. Now there is one more thing to remember each morning before leaving, beside cellphone, purse, calendar and keys :)

paris parfait said...

Bibbi, I am writing this while wearing the exact same style of glasses you have pictured! Mine are French and titanium frames - is it the same for yours?

Bibbi said...

Haha, hope you are as happy with your pair! Mine are titanium in the front and plastic on the sides, the brand says SAND.