Sunday, 24 November 2013

mosaic project part two

We are getting close to the finish line for the second part of our Hammarkulleparken mosaic. The first part was so successfull that a quick decision was made to continue. It was afternoon work for me Saber and Mazlum, Dona and Hani joined us after school for the four week production phase. Nine free standing concrete benches are filled with colors and motives. This time the artistic work had more individual themes - sports, tropical, celebrations of people, patterns...

Last week all mosaic was fixed, after we changed location to a parking deck in one of the apartment blocks in Hammarkullen.

And next week the benches will be placed close to the two entrances to the park.

I am happy, tired and excited. Thankful to all people involved who always say "Yes" and come up with solutions.

A totally different cooperative work Fine cell work, that yet again proves the power of making.
Thank you Henriette Ousbeck for the full story (in Swedish).

Sunday, 17 November 2013

mini break - berlin

I have worked so hard lately and well earned a break. And what better place is there than Berlin? Thank you Johan, for the Friedrichshein tour! - exhibition space - exhibition - artist open space for art and culture