Thursday, 25 July 2013

summer job

This is the "before" picture, the change will be total before summer is over, in the remade park space in the Gothenburg neighborhood Hammarkullen.

I am into the second week of summer job, along with five young people and a painter in Hammarkullen. We form a little Mosaic Factory for four weeks. In this park there will be a stage platform, and our mosaic work will be put on the side of it.

The people I work with are so energetic, positive and quick to learn, I have problems keeping up.

As an interesting coincidence, exactly a year ago I met another artist, Frida Yngström, while she was working with a commission for the underground tram station in Hammarkullen. Frida Y. made drawings of people, directly on the wall and stayed in one of the Konstepidemin guest studios. At that time Corinne Peterson from Chicago came to visit Sweden, and showed me photos of quite a few commissions she had made, some of them in collaboration with kids.

Somehow it feels like things are coming together. Chicago, where I did a guest appearance lots of years ago, in a Gallery 37 work shop, with Göteborg where I work with teenagers again. This is the first time I make a whole mosaic piece with young people. It's challenging in so many ways, hard work and a lot of fun.

One of the Hammarkullen tram station art works is a painting by Frida Oliv.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

at röda sten, by the water


Röda Sten still keeps the door open to graffitti; this spring was an exhibition with some great street art artists. Above details from a larger installation by Lars Carlsson.

Ekta and Anton Wiraeus collaboration.
To mention just a few in the exhibition Mynningsladdare that filled the whole building and more.

And then of course, all the anomymous that are part of Röda Sten tradiiton.

This will happen by the river and Röda Sten: Skulpturer vid vatten opens August 4, an artists' collaboration about water and culture. There will be performances, sculptures, talks and more.

Monday, 8 July 2013

internet exhausted

Long blog break; I think I am a little internet exhausted. Even if the camera is always with me, somehow the photos seems to stay in a computer file and not reach here.

But now, when on holidays from the office computer at KHVC, I feel a spark of inspiration for internet again and will catch up with some of what I saw this spring.

But first: Midsummer magic with friends on a raft not far from the polar circle and endless summer nights. At a lake where the mosquitos can't find you. Best cure for every exhaustion.

This is where I want to go: Anish Kapoor in Berlin
Some more Berlin fun