Saturday, 21 August 2010

still here

How could it suddenly be August when it was April? I hope the summer brought you time to relax and reflect as it did to mee.

Thanks to Annelie I was reminded this blog is sadly neglected. I'm still here. All spring I was so busy  filling the new web site of Konsthantverkscentrum/KHVC with Swedish craft news and information. There is a limit to how much computer time there is in a day! A life must be lived, too!

Still, the English part of the web site is far from finished, but the Swedish section is well on it´s way. The work will continue, even if not as frantic as before holidays.

I also put some energy into the blog of Konstepidemin, the studio complex. At the moment there is a theatre and dance festival going on. (Photo from a lovely origami performance with Justin Lenoir )

So, hope to see you around more...Love