Saturday, 26 May 2012

rock carvings

We took a trip, Danelle Bergstrom and I, to see the rock carvings around Tanum. Mythical, mystical figures hidden in the woods. And great company!
Vitlycke museum, the world heritage site
Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art, more images here...

Danelle Bergstrom, Australian painter, stays in one of the guest studios at Konstepidemin, visit here...

My gifted friend and graphic designer Anna Larsson opened a web shop: posters, cards and prints.

walk by the sea - north

The cliffs at Valön are just amazing, red soft granite and a full horizon.

Jewellery artist Henry Lanham

Sunday, 20 May 2012

walk by the sea - south

Särö Västerskog, a nature reserve and a woodland by the sea just south of Göteborg, is a good place for a long walk on a Sunday. Or any day, and any season.

More trees:
Urnatur blog, tree houses and textiles
Maria Holmberg, birch tree bowls

Friday, 18 May 2012

fill concrete

Yesterday I got help from my sculptor neighbor Per Agelii and his careful helper Frej. We filled the first batch of elements that will be part of the commission for the garden for the elderly. They will form a rim of a square, filled with green plants and my mosaic pieces. 23 are done, 37 more to go.

Ceramic sculpture exhibition right now, Klara Krystalova på Bonniers Konsthall

Saturday, 12 May 2012

concrete spread

Today is Göteborgsvarvet, 62 000 people are running half a marathon, they are brave. I've been stuck in the studio all day, all streets closed off, working with my own little marathon.

Next step is to make the shapes that will be covered with mosaic. I spread a concrete layer on top of styrofoam shapes. Feels like making a giant cake with concrete cream. First two smallest are done.

Margit Brundin ceramic figures