Monday, 7 January 2008

awarded women

Nan Goldin photography

Helen Dahlman, The girl and the bear

I'm so glad we took the rainy walk to the Art Museum
on Sunday, in time for the last weekend of two exhibitions showing recipients of big awards (from founders of big Göteborg companies).

Helen Dalhman, textile artist at Konstepidemin, is one of three artists awarded with Sten A Olsson's (shipping) cultural grant 2007. I'm happy for you, Helen!

Hasselblad (the camera) Foundation awards international photographers, 2007 Nan Goldin. Photos are very personal, beautiful and sometimes very sad. She said in an interview " Yes, photography saved my life. Every time I go through something scary, traumatic, I survive by taking pictures."

More Nan Goldin photos

From the presentation of Nan Goldin one can click the names of previous winners, mostly but not all documentary, my favourites Christer Strömholm, Susan Meiselas, Cindy Sherman, and icons like Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

First studio day 2008 was nice: took down window exhibition, looked for misplaced tools, unpacked boxes from before holidays, had a long lunch, sat down and looked at things. Preparations.

Camilla Engman is guestblogging at Designsponge this week.


heather smith jones said...

I like your last paragraph and imagining you eating lunch, what you're thinking about, and looking for tools. I wonder with anticipation what you will create in the studio this year...

Lylou said...

i had seen this image with the bear before (online) but had no idea of its size. what a wonderful image and in this case size does matter. -wink.

tell us, how was the response to your window?

Andrea Tachezy said...

thank you for the pictures of Helen Dahlman work. I love it!

mansuetude said...

Bibbi your blog gets better and better--thanks for the Nan Goldin links and interview... it was one of the most true and intelligent voices I have read on line in a while... creative work does save a bit of our lives...

Bibbi said...

Heather, I wonder too, haven't passed cleaning phase yet.

Lylou, friends always tell they like it and I was told quite a few people came into the shop, expressed their liking and asked how to contact me. So far no one dared :) I have a good feeling about it.

Andrea, glad you liked Helen's work!

Mansuetude, I'm happy to have found the link, Nan Goldin was inspiring, indeed. There is so much to find out there, in the net.

paris parfait said...

Thank you for showing this wonderful photograph! I've been able to see exhibitions of many of your favourites' work, but not Nan Goldin's.

Camilla said...

Thankyou for the links to Helen Dahlman, I love what I see of her work, and I agree with Heather- that last paragraph of yours is wonderful.

Bibbi said...

Tara, you are lucky to live in a rich city like Paris!

Camilla, more preparations were made today :)