Friday, 30 May 2008

so sunny

It's so sunny here. People open up like flowers to the sun, like every summer.

Sverker Eklund was in this blog before, I hope you are not tired of his work, I'm not! Konstepidemin open day-photos from his studio above.

This weekend I hope to visit Hammarkullekarnevalen, a huge local three day Carneval. The dancers will sweat this year, forecast says it will be hot.

Kicki Masthem ceramic

Wish you light and sun!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

the young artists

The youngest artists from Konstepidemins open Day last weekend. The images stays until the rain dissolves them and that doesn't seem to happen.

Barnakademin, "Childrens Academy" is a program where smaller children visit Konstepidemin and are guided into the world of colours. They create amazing huge paintings together. At the open day it's more just for fun.

Today, attended a staff meeting for another Konstepidemin activity, inspired by Gallery 37 in Chicago: "De Ungas" is a summer program where Göteborg teenagers work as artists for a month. This is the third summer, previous years it's been absolutely incredible to see what can be created in such a short time by young people who don't even know what capacity they hold when they first come. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Already stories are collected from kids who are under treatment at the children's hospital. The teenagers will create something from them, with the support from Konstepidemin artists. The stories will be turned into a performance, a poem, art work, music, something... And later, in September, the result will be brought back to the kids at the hospital.

I don't work with them directly myself, but love being around. I was happy to spend a summer in Chicago, at Gallery 37, and since dreamed we could do something similar here. And now we do! Kids come to visit first time on Monday, I hope they will enjoy their summer job.

De Ungas blog from last summer (in Swedish but with lovely photos) when they did outdoor performances among other things. The blog will come alive again June, when the new group starts.

Similar programs are happening in other countries, like here, here, here.

Lill Street Art Center was organizing the ceramic studio I worked in that summer, has developed since.
Gallery here.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

what a day

"Artetyper" bring your own camera and become part of a masterpiece"
Torbjörn Steijner and Eva Brodin

The shop

Natural born artists

Two of the many musicians, Dan Berglund and Henrik Cederblom

Gallery opening, HDK candidate graduation students

The French corner, boule field

What a lovely day it was, Konstepidemin's Open Day. I think this was the first time I didn't have my own studio open, but instead was a visitor. I enjoyed it so much! Didn't make it half through the open studios. Too much to see, too much to talk about, too sunny and nice to rush.

Here, a few photos, more will come (will check with the artists before I put their faces here, if it's ok).

It's still as sunny here, but I'm svamped with office work and will be glued to the computer a few days more. Will sneak outside now and then :)
Wish for you a sunny and light week!

Friday, 23 May 2008

she (?) likes her bike

I think it's one of the students from HDK who parked her (?) lovely bike. The candidate's graduation show opens tomorrow at Galleri Konstepidemin, jewellery students at Hnoss.

Big day tomorrow, the annual open day at Konstepidemin, as every end of May. Lot's of music, children's theatre, open studios and more, the whole program (in Swedish) here.

Anna Unsgaard, jewellery artist and Karin Landahl, textile artist/designer (found no good link) built a shop with all kinds of things from the Konstepidemin studios. I wish it was there for good and not just for the day.

So, this is where I'll be tomorrow, hang around in the sun with the camera ready to use. Maybe I'll sneak over to the master students opening at Röhss museum, to say a certain congratulations on the big day.

Wish you a nice, nice weekend.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

scent of flowers

These days are filled with the scent of lilacs. Isn't the blossom more rich than usual?

Anna Emilia Laitinen made me think of this house I pass every day. And of wooden houses in Lithuania, I'll show you later. Thank you for greetings from the East!
Via Anna Kitchen

My lilacs vase is pottery from Provence
more here

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

fabrics and prints

It never happened before I blogged my shopping, is about time! Couldn't resist buying a few metres of the chair wax print fabric, like a crazy image of a room in some colonial hotel. The tap was also tempting, but I promised myself not to bring more textiles home without knowing what to do with them (though I don't know what I'll do with the chairs yet, just look maybe).

These fabrics where brought to Kalebassi from Nigeria by Aino Ternstedt-Oni-Okpaku (one of the Afro Art founders) along with other art and craft objects.

More Kalebassi news is that taylor Omar Nyang have a workshop there from now on. I got the crash course in African textiles, taste the words: ganjala, baseng, indigo, bogolan, korugo...

History of the wax print here
More wax print patterns here and here
Vlisco prints here

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

playful people

What's it called in English, what you draw on the ground and hop?

The drawing is of Big Wind company after some of their children's theatre performance. I like their arms reaching out to hug.

Konstepidemin is preparing for the annual Open Day on Saturday. This year I will only make a little window exhibition and not have an open studio. This time I'll visit studios and have conversations and coffee, listen to the music and take photos.

Johan Peter Hol (make a new search for artist name "hol" the link doesn't work directly, sorry) ceramic work at EKWC
Jenny Mendez, ceramic sculptures, via Dear Ada

Monday, 19 May 2008

juicy jewellery

Those of you nearby, don't miss Charlotte Sinding's jewellery show at Sintra. It's colourful and fun and challenging all at once. The way she sets the space is also strong, more photo's here (click to enlarge).

Big hooray and congratulations to Camilla Engman! She is the artist invited to create the poster for next year's Göteborg Film Festival, and that's really big news over here. Here are all the posters from previous film festivals.

I feel energetic this week, wish you the same!

Friday, 16 May 2008

ceramic faces

Henric Allert

When you see a piece by Henric Allert, you recognize it. I found three of his half human, half animal faces on the walls at Handels, School of Business. A little sign said there shall be 12 of them, marking different stairs, next time I'll take time to look for the rest.

Attended a business seminar two intense evenings this week, met with a nice mix of people with all kinds of small business companies. (In Swedish: Drivhuset stöttar nyföretagare på olika sätt: bl.a arrangerar de matyttiga, korta och billiga kurser om t.ex presskontakter, säljkurser, projektledning och annat. Finns på flera platser i Sverige och är mer eller mindre öppna för andra än studenter. Här i Göteborg är alla välkomna)

This weekend I plan to visit Kalebassi, Haga, where Aino Ternstedt-Oni-Okpaku (who once started Afro Art in Stockholm) shows her collection of West African art and craft.

Enjoy weekend!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

back to normal

Mari Ishikawa

I've been busy. Finished book keeping and delivered tax declaration, hooray! Delivered the annual application to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, hooray! The show at Lerverk is over, now begins the start over again-process. Deep breath.

Late report over Konstepidemin shows:
The photos above from Hnoss Gallery; jewellery artist Mari Ishikawa, Germany/Japan "In the shadow of a tree" (until May 18).
In the main Gallery Anita Paakonen Ahl and Karin Elmgren, drawings and objects (until May 18)
In Blå Huset a celebration of Gyllene Prag's 35 year jubilee, the nearby restaurant and second home to some of the early Konstepidemin artist. Photos and drawings.

Our open day at Konstepidemin is Saturday May 24 this year. You are all invited!

Monday, 12 May 2008

walks in the park

Struck by summer. Dog-sitting this weekend, took long walks in the huge nearby park, Slottskogen. So many happy sun lovers.

And I made some book keeping progress :)

Look at what grows:
Karl Blossfeldt
Leora Brecher

Wish us all inspiration this week!

Friday, 9 May 2008

hnoss heroes

Charlotte Skalegård

Linda Marie Karlsson

Karin Johansson

Mona Wallström

Photos from Hnoss show at Nääs. The nine artists that form the working committee behind gallery Hnoss are themselves jewellery artists. Some newly graduated, some with long experience. There is so much commitment from them and the other artists and jewellery students from HDK, and energy put into the gallery. In return, it seems, they get a lot of energy back, network with other artists and galleries over the world. It's so clever and as a visitor I'm grateful. Here they are, not many of them having websites to see more, sorry:

Charlotte Skalegård, Lena Olson, Carolina Claesson, Karin Andersson, Cecilia Johansson, Mona Wallström, Linda Marie Karlsson, Karin Johansson, Tore Svensson

In the new project room, three graduating students from HDK: Klara Brynge, Karin Andersson
and Serena Holm. Good luck with jewellery life!

No progress with book keeping.
Wish you a lovely, sunny weekend!


I'm doing almost anything but what I ought to, book keeping. The breeze is so soft, the park is so close.

Stickwork, Patrick Dougherty
via Kris's color stripes

just a small selection here
at the Museum of outdoor art

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

dress and glass

Photo: Anna Eggert

Thank you, Anna Eggert, for sending photos of your work!

When I visited her studio the other week I ran out of camera batteries, felt so stupid. But this is much better, to see her work in the context it should be seen.

Top and middle photo: Installation for an event last fall (kulturnatt i Mölndals Kvarnby) Dress and necklace.
Bottom: Detail of a commission in Gårda, Göteborg "Venus"

Kiersten Essenpries, scary funny killing field, found via Asphalt and air.