Monday, 28 January 2008

all about blogs

I was given the You make my day-award by Andrea. I would like to award her back, her blog is great! but think it should be brought forward.

These bloggers, along with others, make my day:

Smosch, showing me the place I live (yesterday she asked a few questions and got 97 answers, so far. Readers suddenly visible, I was taken).

Masala Chai, I was so happy to discover the other day; contemporary Indian art, design and more. Lovely.

Bientot Demain for the always surprising and beautiful things I find there.

Karin's style blog celebrates three years, hooray! Karin was the first to lead me into blogging, and thus make my every day.

Heather who has sharp eyes and always ask a good question.

We are all so lucky who can meet. Happy blogging!

PS I see the nice neon signs on my walk home from work


sandra said...

tack bibbi, du är så fin du! måste även tacka dig för att du diskade så mycket i fredags. vi ses, kram!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bibbi,
first of all I want to tell you that your blog is very interesting, in fact I'm going to link you & check it everyday. I also happened to see your work at you website & I want to tell you that it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love some of the more organic pieces & all the colours . & thank you for liking my site !

karin said...

Bibbi this blog "biento demain" really is a treasure chest, thanks for discover it :)

karin said...

P.S.: just checked out Masala Chai, fantastic too! Two great blogs at one moment, thank you!

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi YOU make my day, every day! :)

paris parfait said...

Congrats to you, Bibbi, for recognition of your wonderful blog! Great neon sign photos.