Sunday, 14 March 2010

bye bye winter

Last  weekend in Luleå, up north. The frozen river is turned into a winter park, surrounding the city. Snow sculpting event in the park. This is the best time up north, when the light returns and the sun warms your face again.

Here in Göteborg the snow has turned grey and is slowly melting. We've had the first long winter since I moved here in the eighties, loved every minute. I choose snow before rain.

Life has been so hectic first two months of the year. Now I hope to have more time of my own again. And more time to enjoy what I'm doing!

Anna Sjons exhibition at Sintra is over...look here
Anna Sjons webpage

Saturday, 13 March 2010

late last Stockholm Furniture Fair: Catarina Larsson

Final fellow exhibitor at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: Textile artist Catarina Larsson doubled, both in KHVCs stand and sharing a stand with Tony Abrahamsson. Catarina's large lightings also hang permanently in the exhibitors restaurants at the fair. Light and shadow, so clever.

Hope all is well with fellow bloggers!
Alexandra Hedberg's ambitious interviews about art as business.
Very interesting!

And so is David Karlsson! Swedish only: David hoppade av sitt uppdrag som sekreterare i Kulturutredningen efter ett år. Nu har han skrivit en mycket klok bok med utgångspunkt i det arbetet och som en alldeles egen och alldeles fantastiskt klok kulturutredning. Jag sträckläser och gläds. Beställ den här: En kulturutredning: pengar, konst och politik, Glänta förlag