Saturday, 23 March 2013

sculpture walk

We had a guided sculpture walk in Borås. These are just a few of those we saw, they are my favourites:

Walking to Borås - Pinocchio by Jim Dine was the very first contemporary piece the city placed here, now there is around 100 sculptures standing in public places.

Wholly by Eva Hild, well known ceramic artist, this is her first aluminum piece.

Bodhi by Fredrik Wretman

Presentations of many of the sculptures in Borås here...
Sculture biennial catalogue from last year here...

Take a walk.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

textile meeting

This weekend I was a textile hangaround. I stayed with a textile artists' network, NTA - Nordic Textile Art, that had a meeting in Borås.

I wanted to catch up with what is going on in Borås, the place for textile industry in Sweden. Now most of the production moved to low cost countries but there is still a future in textiles here:
Fashion and Textile studies and research at the University, small specialized high tech companies for digital printing and smart textiles development.

Next year the huge new Textile and Fashion Center will open, where the school, the museums and all kinds of textile companies and designers will move. I'm just worried how they will be able to move these fantastic big jaquard looms!

I'm happy I spent time with these friendly textile artists and there was a lot to learn, for a ceramic artist too.

Nordic Textile Art - Network of Scandinavian textile artists

Textilhögskolan, Borås - The University's textile programs and research

Design by Students  Design and Fashion students' portfolios

Smart textiles research and business innovation

Thursday, 14 March 2013

new start - new webpage

After a lot of studio work last year, 2013 started with more silence. It's a good time to do things like clean my desk and make a new webpage. And rest. I have a strong need to regroup and reflect; to sort all old photos is a big help.

Welcome to have a look, please tell me if something doesn't make sense.