Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Peaceful finish

We are scrubbed and made ready to meet the new year. First a hot sauna and then quick dips in the ice cold sea (-1° C or something like 33° F, I think). Incredibly refreshing, brings clarity and peace.

I wish you the same, clarity and peace, for the new year.

not snow, not really

Not really snow, but not not snow either. Walked through the park yesterday, did some little studio work just to finish things in a good way before the new year. I love the days between Christmas and New Year, they seem so long, even if that's just an illusion.

Organised files and emails, rediscovered this link:
Johan Haugen paintings (I see one of his paintings on my wall every day, lucky me)
boooooooom Free encouragement project

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

turning point

Longest night of the year is behind us, now lies only light ahead.

Share with you some favorite christmas tree ornaments, look Heather, your star looks good! Wish you all happy holidays, love and light, and more light.

Monday, 22 December 2008

yellow blue-and-white

Still a little work to do this year. Konstepidemin was silent today, I listened to the radio all day and was quite efficient. Half finished the third out of four mosaic wall pieces, chrysanthemum theme. I saved porcelain with floral motifs for this piece.

Hope you are not too busy doing whatever you are doing, work or Christmas preparations. Take deep breaths now and then.

Carina Fihn's guest of the month Max Olofsson
I'm so behind with blog reading, just discovered I missed to wish Priscilla Mouritzen good luck, her show in London is already over, but here you can see some of her beautiful bowls.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

stockholm colors

Just a few more Stockholm photos, because of the beautiful colors (and to you, Mansuetude). Stockholm has the colours of Rome. Maybe the Nobel prize winners went home, think I saw some of their family members outside Grand Hotel last week.

I find it hard to concentrate on working, now when my schedule was stretched there is more room to feel tired, I guess. And it is the darkest week of the year, that is reason enough to feel sleepy. And relax.

Tara Books, see how the lovely, lovely books are hand made video
Mårten Medbo show in Sheboygan, WI, USA

Sunday, 14 December 2008

among sailors

When in Stockholm we stayed at Drottning Viktorias örlogshem, simple but nice accomodation, in the very center. First and foremost it's for people in the navy and military, which creates a special atmosphere. Very male and at the same time like visiting an old aunt.

, a Stockholm based craft blog blog I just recently discovered. Good links too.

Friday, 12 December 2008

christmas market preparations

We are having the annual Christmas market at Konstepidemin this weekend, I'm off to have a look. This year it seems to be on the more crafty side, I miss a few artist's more regular work. But I can't complain over the Christmassy athmosphere! I'll be there on Saturday if you are in the neighborhood.

The wreath exhibition is still on, until December 16, the other closes on Sunday already.

More info in the Konstepidemin blog.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

south side craft shops

There are several artist run craft shops where I took my morning walk in Stockholm, lined up from Slussen to the street Hornsgatan. Had to press my nose to the shop windows, they were not open yet that early.

First Konsthantverkarna, with the most members.
Then blås&knåda, and on the way there the huge pot made by Gertrud Båge, Rigmor Roxner and Margon Lindberg. The Glassery is yhe youngest craft gallery here. And finally Kaolin. The last two are located where Hornsgatan makes a big bump, Hornsgatspuckeln. All of them are dressed up for Christmas.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

monday morning old town walk

I was in Stockholm for two days, attending meetings, fruitful and inspiring. This is the first part of the early morning Old Town walk. Stockholm is a beautiful city, a town for walking.

Top photo is the City Hall, where in this very moment the Nobel Prize winners have their dinner, followed by the Parlament building and the Royal Castle (where the royalties doesn't live these days).

Rhonda Hill other landscapes
Other buildings