Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sorry for the break, I wasn't finished with co-exhibitors at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. A cold in combination with tax declaration came in the way, but here is two more of my colleagues at the fair:

Ceramic artist Åsa Berntsson's cobble stones silently speaks to you, sometimes raising a provoking thought and sometimes just reminds you to live. Lyssna = Listen. For us living in Göteborg the coble stone has it's own meaning, from the demonstrations and riots at the EU top meeting a few years back. A single stone can be used in many different ways, placed on the table of a companie's board meeting it can also be a reminder of different values.

Stefan Forsberg's oak bench makes you think about time as an important factor in the crafts. Oak, being so hard and difficult, and so strong and majestic.

Have a lovely weekend! I think we must say farewell to some of the snow now, maybe it's time.

Monday, 22 February 2010

fredrika linder at the furniture fair

Fredrika's glass walls are magical objects. Don't ask me how they are made, but the glass bubbles are hand blown and they shift in colours with some mystical lighting. See more of Fredrika's glass here.

If you are in Göteborg:
Tomorrow Tuesday Serena Holm gives a talk at Röhsska, about her jewellery "Wearable art".

Two little birds opened a combined café and craft gallery at the very best street Andra Långgatan no 5. First out in the gallery is Karin Esbjörnsson, ceramic. Organic coffee and up and coming craft artists, what a good combination.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

irina my lindqvist at the fair


Co exhibitor Irina My Lindqvist, glass artist and designer, showed unique glass sculptures, trophies made in the exclusive graal technique. She combines this traditional technique with a new expression of her own, much more to be seen at Irina's web page.

Peaceful Sunday morning, we are snowed in here. The world is all white and soft again.

Friday, 19 February 2010

tina l. frausin at the fair

Tina showed pieces of a commission, a mix of hand tufted textile and sand casted illuminated shapes. It's inspired by the coral reefs, and originally created as a commission for a hospital in Uddevalla. More photos from the big colorful piece to be seen at Tina's web page.

Konstepidemin's gallery is at a totally different fair; Supermarket Art Fair, 60 artist run galleries and such at Kulturhuset Stockholm. Seems a lot of fun.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Åsa Maria Hedberg at the fair

Plaited clay! Åsa Maria Hedberg brought her ceramic stems from Östersund, where she lives and works. She has a blog where you can see how one is made for a specific site, 9,5 m high.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Eva Davidsson at the fair


Next fellow exhibitor at Stockholm Furniture Fair: Eva Davidsson's whimsical, pretty flower lamps are handdyed/pleated in shibori technique. They were shortlisted for a Design of the year award lately. Eva sells her work at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm, among other places. No web site, yet...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ulrika Krynitz, Stockholm Furniture Fair



Ulrika Krynitz, Urnatur, showed a carpet designed for golfers at Stockholm Furniture Fair. Very popular with playful people of all ages. Besides creating lovely green design she runs a wood hermitage from April to October, eco lodge for retreats or meetings, one can sleep in treehouses or moss huts. Click around the webpage and enjoy the photos!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Fun at the fair

It was so much fun to be at the Stockholm Furniture Fair! A bit like being in an isolated and inspiring bubble, the days passed amazingly fast. And it was really rewarding, I've met people interested in my work in different ways and had so much useful feedback. It was worth all the time and effort coming there, for sure.

The KHVC stand presents ten craft artists that works with public spaces in different ways. Meeting them was also a reward. We made a great team!  The stand was popular with visitors, we've been very busy. If there was a more quiet moment we had a lot to talk about. There is so much to learn from your colleagues. I will post photos of their work too, one by one.

The fair is still on, Saturday afternoon it opens to the public.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

frantic days are over


The things I made for Stockholm Furniture Fair arrived there all right. Frantic days are over. I will take the train to Stockholm tomorrow myself. It's the first time I show my work like this and I think it will be fun. Hope to give you reports, there are a lot of side events too. I'll stay from Tuesday to Friday, in the KHVC stand A09:02, welcome to stop by!

There will be work from 10 Swedish craft artists in the stand, see more here...

This is what happened in the studio since latest post, I was busy!