Wednesday, 2 January 2008

wishes take off

Back in Göteborg from our Luleå trip. It's nice to be back and see that you are also here again. I hope all your wishes for the new year will come true!

We had a lovely new years night; so much to talk about with friends you don't meet every day. The long dinner was interrupted by homemade ceremonial parts, that worked well (we hope). First we threw all things we didn't want to bring into next year on a little fire in the garden. Not the real things, of course, but written words on little paper notes, we all had a few of them and agreed changes are welcome.

Later, at 12, we went to the beach with two small hot air balloons. One that had all our future, personal wishes taped on it, in the other we put all our wishes for the world. They lifted beautifully into the dark stillness, made a turn and we could see them drift slowly high up there for a long time, saluted by little fireworks now and then.

Now I'll have a lazy day at home. But I will go out to pick up a parcel from USA I'm excited about, I have a guess it will be a nice surprise!

Brad Miller, favourite his scuptural work
Tyler Lotz ceramic sculpture

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paris parfait said...

Sounds like a fabulous new year's celebration. Wonderful photos! Hoping this year is filled with good health, happiness and lots of dreams come true for you and yours.