Tuesday, 6 November 2007

recycling in luleå and chandigarh

Luleå has a new Culture Center, so successful it's a problem for the city to handle, isn't that great.

Lucky to be there in time to see the exhibition
Guldglasgummioggenbrug by seven Scandinavian jewellery and recycling artists: Bettina Schori, Maria Lewis, Lone Villaume, Dögg Gudmundsdottir, Ellis HInz Berg, Lisbeth Nordskov and Sara Engberg (who runs Mori&Mimosa with fashion designer Christina Wemming) Colour, innovation, fun and beauty.

Top: Lone Villaume, a series of places, cigar boxes, photo, bicycle tube... Middle: Ellis Hinz Berg, "Irma" food store ads paper Bottom: Maria Lewis: "Masskonsumtion" metal caps

Celebrating 30 years as recycling artist hero is Nek Chand, the creator of Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India. haven't been there (yet!), only seen films and photos and have this little book from Haus der Kulturen der Welt for substitute.

The story is that Nek Chand, an Indian road inspector, started to create this marvelous sculpture park 30 years ago, made from waste material and mud. Nek wasn't a rich man but truly devoted, used whatever he could find from stones to glass bangles, and he didn't own the land so he did it in secret. Now he is world famous and there is a whole
conference to celebrate his creation. the "Rock Garden Diamond Jubilee Conference and Celebration ". Starts today.

Nek Chand foundation invites volunteers to stay and work in the Rock Garden.
Nek Chand article in Raw Vision magazine, tells the whole story.

My exhibition in Örebro here.


Lylou said...

I have been lucky enough to walk through the gardens of Chand. It is a beautiful and marvelous and enchanting...another wonderful thing that happened while married to an Indian.

Bibbi said...

Lucky you! Hope my day will come, so much left to explore in India :)