Thursday, 22 November 2007

last mist

Last Örebro photos for this time, still misty. Today at job, I managed to keep the deadline for the printer, stress stress stress is over. Tomorrow I will celebrate with studio work. Yes!

Only link for today, zeekomkommer, it can keep me busy enough. I don't understand a word, but there are so many intriguing and inspiring photos to see. I'm sure I found it via someone, but I can't remember who to say thank you to. Thank you!

Be sure not to miss the paired images, click on the blue face. And go for the visual links.

Happy Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate. I will celebrate a little, and think of my blessings.


Camilla Engman said...

Keri Smith skrev om henne nyss kanske var du där :) Här är Annekes flickr sida -
om du vill se mer.
Vi kanske ses i morgon på epidemin.

Anonymous said...

åh men ja de här är också jättefina. nu vill jag nästan ha lite kyla (men ingen snö!).

ellyy said...

Congratulations on keeping the deadline! And thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, you're so lucky to live where you do. :)

paris parfait said...

The effect of the mist in these photographs is wonderful! And congrats for the stressful bits being behind you at work!

Bibbi said...

Thank you for kind words! Isn't stressing meaningless!?