Wednesday, 21 November 2007


More of yesterday's mystic mist, Örebro was frosted.

Heather asked how I feel, with show completed. What a good question!

More like a nice beginning than a sad end. I didn't solo show work ouside the studio for a while. Since the date was set I focused on my work but also had a good reason to do all the other things around, presenting myself, revamp the webpage and get a fresh start. Starting this blog was also part of it. It all brought a lot of self reflection and some clarity.

Don't get much studio work done these days, work piling up at office job. Today I took a couple of hours to unpack and get sorted. Usually I try to keep continuity from day to day in the studio. Even if only for an hour one day, it keeps me in touch with what is going on, inspiration, flow. Clay work needs to be checked on, not getting to dry, nor being to wet. So much time and energy can be wasted.

I'm lucky, have job and studio only five minutes walk apart. It works best if I divide my 50/50 work day with the lunch break. The different works needs two totally different mind sets and I need some time to switch, probably from left to right part of the brain, and back. I like being in both states of mind, but staying there at the same time only makes me confused. I have always envied Christina, I wrote about last week. She seems to spend so much time in her right half of the brain, with such flow, and get so much energy out from it.

Marian Bijlenga is new to me, textlie artist, love her work.
Article in Fiber Arts
Written weed
Work she did at ekwc


j said...

the outdoors photos are beautiful.

the indoor- unpacking photo is a tease. can see a little bit of your work... but with the pieces all wrapped like that- just a tease. :)

Anonymous said...

oooh vilka fina örebro-foton, min örebrokille kände igen sig i den översta. åh verkligen jättefina!

Bibbi said...

Tack Sandra, det kommer några till, håll tillgodo!

Bibbi said...

Happy to keep you curious, J :)
I hope I will show some more, thank you for being interested!

paris parfait said...

More lovely, misty photos. And I know what you mean about the importance of separating the two parts of your work!

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- I agree with what you say about the show giving you the ability to think, focus on your work, and gain some clarity. I sometimes though feel a little sad when a show is over because it always seems to have gone quickly. However, I always walk away with new ideas and direction.
My teaching job is about a ten minute walk, and I enjoy the walk home so much because it enables me to get my mind ready to switch gears. I understand exactly what you are saying! I actually didn't know you had an office job, I'm interested to know that about you Bibbi.

Bibbi said...

Yes, keeping balance between professions is tricky, for many of us I guess. Congrats to all who find inspiration and energy in side jobs!