Monday, 26 November 2007

light in darkness

Christmas show by Konstepidemin artists also opened in the Blue House this weekend. Next Saturday, Dec 1, the Christmas market starts. Two of my garlands hang there now, as always it's nice to see what pieces really look like, outside the studio.

Ola Karlberg and Bronja Novak didn't match colours on purpose for coffee today, it just happened. They are two of the partners in Big Wind that in different constellations produce music, dance and theatre performances for adults and children.

Find out on their website what's going on, they are playing many places in the region.
English information on a couple of productions for younger people. On most pages it's possible to watch cuts from their funny and clever performances, click "filmsnutt".

Die Damen von Welt is a lovely dance performance by Bronja and Susanne Martin, Berlin. Click "filmsnutt" to see film cuts from the show.

Photo from Big Wind webpage, "Free air" children's play, photo Anders Jirås
More light in Winter darkness, found in French Atelier d’art magazine:
Le Fourmis Bleues, delicate lighting made of paper and polyetene and other materials with transparency. Film here.

Geraldine Gonzales light sculptures and vitrines, like fairytales.

Camilla commented, more Zekomkommer's photos on flickr.
Wish you a light and creative Monday!

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