Friday, 9 November 2007

open studios, ink and paint

This post is a mischmasch of links, can't find the red thread. Maybe some Asian connections? First: Stunning site by Japanese motion painting crew RinpaEshiden. This is no beginners' graffitti. Almost hypnotic; surprising, playful and so well produced. One clay piece: Terra Trance

Photo from Lena Rydén's webpage "Billie Marie"

Open Studios at
Konstepidemin this weekend:
Lena Rydén and Åke Nordström, Saturday and Sunday, 12 - 16.

Lena studied traditional Chinese ink painting and uses the techniques in her own motifs. She also gives studio workshops now and then, it's a whole process of painting and then mounting the thin, almost transparent rice paper sheets, layer by layer.

Åke Nordström, photo from Konstepidemin webpage

Åke Nordström, painter and sculptor, read more: article (Swedish) in Zenit magazine

Sunday: Andreas Roth gives a monologue with
music by Krusakvaretten. Translated the title is "All I don't know about Mozart" at Söndagspaviljongen på Konstepidemin (click "aktuellt").

Elsa Agelii, painter and free embroidery artist, is blogging from India (in Swedish). She will study places where water is kept sacred and do embroidery together with desert women.

Have a joyful weekend!

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Jen said...

Thanks bibbi! .. oh, there is so much to see here and the joyful video is fantastic.