Friday, 23 November 2007

per, jill, karin, kerstin, marie. and viggo

This weekend Per Agelii and Jill Lindström, both sculptors, and the two ceramic artists Kerstin Sarvimäki and Karin Östberg have open studios at Konstepidemin. Per on both Saturday and Sunday 12 - 16, the others only om Saturday.

Here is a preview of Per's place. He is one of my very next door neighbors. His machine tools are sometimes noisy and that's OK, but I love the sound of his hand tools clicking against the hard granite.

This building was, in the old hospital days, where the deceased were kept before the funerals. There are no restless spirits here, according to Per.

He is as full of ideas as his studio of sketchwork.

Every now and then Per gets to do molds of famous peoples handprints for a square here in Göteborg. These handprints are really something, from the only Swedish astronaut ever. These hands repaired a spaceship, weightless.

There are many animals in Per's studio; dogs (Viggo), birds, whales and others. He won a big sketch competition for a children's playground this week, the kids will get sea lions and other sea creatures.

Per is a football fan and builds a football team of sculptures "lagbygge". Not portraits or figures, but the different player's necessary symbolic qualities in stone images; defence, forwards and so on. Not so many realized yet, I've seen sketches of more to come and one day they will be eleven.

I don't have pictures or a good link to Jill's work, that is a pity. Maybe I can visit her some other time, she is an artists deeply engaged in teaching art, giving young people tools to grow.

Marie Sjölander, photo from Konstepidemin webpage

Two shows open on Saturday, in the main gallery Marie Sjölander, paintings (Camilla visited her studio a few days ago). I took a sneak peek today, to enter the gallery was like cleansing the mind, so contemplative.

Hnoss jewellery gallery shows Andi Gut, Schweitz/Switzerland.
Pictures here and at dingdrin.

Have a joyful weekend!

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