Wednesday, 28 November 2007

closed and open doors

I have a thing for doors, as many of us. These doors are not opened much anymore, but tell a story of times in change up north.

No clay today, spent first half thinking I was to attend an Indesign class (which was postponed until Monday but I didn't know) and second half looking for a new used computer, more successfully.

It was a nice day at Bildverkstan, community digital facilities of all kinds for artists. Lots of helloes said. Medieverkstäderna in English and Swedish.

Serena Holm brooch: Sedna 2007. Porcelain doll, silver, plastic, paper, silk, glass, coral, pearl, parts of a clock-work 12 x 12 x 3,5 cm, detail. Photo from Klimt02 webpage

Serena Holm, jewellery artist here in Göteborg, has a very nice statement that goes so well with her pieces. She borrowed it from the theatre director's Christmas speech in the Ingmar Bergman film “Fanny and Alexander”:

“My only talent, if you can talk about talent in my case, is that I love this little world inside the thick walls of this house and I also love the people who work in this little world...
Outside there is the big world, and sometimes the little world manages to reflect the big world so we can understand it somewhat better, or we can give the people, who come here, a possibility to forget, for a short moment the difficult world out there.
Our theatre is a tiny..., a tiny space of order, exactness, carefullness and love.”

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Serena said...

Hej Bibbi,
tack för dina vänliga ord!