Tuesday, 27 November 2007

clearer sky

A day for catching up with things, both sky and mind gets more clear.

Some reflections on being in two places, thanks to Heather:
No, in my 50% office job and 50% studio work life it's not only a matter of left and right brain, it can be more schizophrenic than that...

I keep my office job (at KHVC, a craft promotion organisation) out of the blog, even if it can be interesting and give stuff to reflect over. Having two different professional identities can be confusing both for myself and for others. And I don't want to be mistaken to represent anyone else here.

It's very ego, I want to keep this "my space". Blogging strenghten the artist part in me and I'm very happy for that. I so easily slip into letting office part take more of my focus and enthusiasm. The work I do there is in many others interest and can seem so much more important than my playing around in the studio. I think I share this experience with many artists working in other jobs. Or?

Photos from Félicité L. webpage

Found Félicité L. fil métallique in the French craft magazine Ateliers d'Art.
She makes furniture, lighting and other inspiring wire art objects.

Makes me long for Christmas break and more time to make little things.

Bientot demain blog is dedicated to slow design and now added to favourites.

Per Agelii added one more football player on Lagbygge.


Lylou said...

That makes sense to me....after all; we want to know the artist behind the work, not the worker behind the artist. -grin

Also, I LOVE your garlands (again). How is the window coming along? getting some wonderful ideas?

Bibbi said...

Lylou, you are funny. Glad you like garlands, there will be four in the window, working on the props.

heather smith jones said...

Bibbi- Yes I like having my own space, and now you have caused me to reflect on how my job is creeping into that! I appreciate a lot of things about my job and yet...
Yes, I agree with Lylou, your garlands are so magnificent. I imagine standing under one and looking up into is quite a view.
What is that prickly tree in your photo?

Lia Ferreira said...

Just to say "hi" and tell you i like your blog, wich i visit since i found it! :)
best wishes, from Portugal!

Lylou said...

FOUR?! am i in heaven? hahahahaha

paris parfait said...

What beautiful photos! I linked to your blog in my post today (last sentence).