Tuesday, 20 November 2007

misty drive

Been a long day, drove back and forth to Örebro, to close my exhibition there and transport back. Misty and just a short but fine glimpse of sun. Here are photos from breaks by the road, Swedish plains. Driving back was really tiring; black, foggy and lots of traffic.

Added to the list of blogs I read:
Paris Parfait
I like for the entertaining dives into art history through antiques, collections and flea markets, and for rich photos.

Frida's Notebook is a blog I had to start reading from the beginning. Human rights lawyer from New Zeeland, working in Kabul, Afghanistan. Gives perspective, is engaging and also humorous. A lot to read but also wonderful photos from a place seldom seen.

Elsa Agelii blogs (
in Swedish) from Rajastan desert, where she now started an embroidery project with village women.


Anonymous said...

Your landscape photos are always so beautiful. I like that here in every pic is a line of trees connecting the sky and the earth.

heather smith jones said...

A brief glimpse of sun in a misty day; that says alot, reading between the lines.

How does it feel now that you have completed that show? It was so amazing by the way.

Bibbi said...

Yes, it was a strange day, sitting in the car surrounded by a colourless landscape. Like being in a black and white drawing.

Thanks for kind words of photos and show. It feels good to have completed it. When the date was set for it it I also made it date for a fresh start, and as such it has worked very well.
It is a while since I took my work elsewhere, it is so good to get a chance to reflect over what you're doing. Maybe it is something similar to when you entered your new studio, Heather, I feel more focused. Thank you for the question :)

etre-soi said...

thanks Bibbi. It's good to see who reads us, love your work and blog :) Very happy to have found you

soulbrush said...

knew we'd be friends as soon as i read your blog. your photos are so tranquil and peaceful,i'll be back.

paris parfait said...

Thank you for the kind words about my blog! Am so glad to have discovered yours.