Friday, 16 November 2007

tiles in England + Göteborg

Had a couple of photos left from London trip; tiled entrance to a bank building a bit east of Somerset House. England is a true tile paradise, for the craft, the geometry, the glazes, and the architectural scale of the tile works. Warms a potters heart.

Learn all about English tiles at TACS.

There is much more to see of Paul Scott's ceramics but here are some blue and white tiles of his, to start with.

Photo from Christina Roos webpage

Expressive, playfully painted and printed tiles by Christina Roos, Göteborg. Member of Sintra craft shop and gallery. Christina's ceramic history includes Norway and Canada, before she settled here. She does illustrations too, with the same temper.

Anybody in New York? You can see Holly, the engaging drama about child exploitation in Cambodia. Read more here. Buy tickets here.

Anybody wants to go to Berlin? Visit, bitte!

Gudrun Åsling, textile artist and painter and Johan Lagergård, painter, keep open studio doors this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 12 - 16, at Konstepidemin, most welcome.

Book cover, Pippi Longstocking, photo from Swedish publisher Rabén & Sjögren

This week we celebrate that Astrid Lindgren, our most loved children's books writer, was born 100 years ago. She has written so many important stories and created my lifetime heroine, girl rebel Pippi Långstrump, world's strongest and full of wisdom. She (or Astrid, really) says "If you are very strong, you must also be very kind" and other smart things.

I am so content with my name, children in some countries mistake me for Pippi (even more being Swedish, they know she is from here) and thus immediately have a very positive opinion of my person.

Sing along with Pippi!
And have a joyful weekend!


j said...

I loved the Pippi books when I was small

Bibbi said...

She is so good for little girls!

heather smith jones said...

I like "if you are very strong you must also be very kind." It gives strong kids someway to focus their energy.
I like you name Bibbi! What does it mean?
I also like the second tile picture, the patterns are so inviting.

soulbrush said...

these tiles are amazing. i grew up on Pippi Longstocking in South Africa, and then read her to my classes when i became i teacher.