Monday, 19 November 2007

Everyday life

This is what artists at Konstepidemin do these days, help each other change to winter tires.

Photo of Legacies 2006 from Kari Steihaug webpage

Found textile artist Kari Steihaug via Marie-Louise Sundkvist. She "unknits" clothes and makes new meaning from them, sometimes whole landscapes. Right now she is part of the show Everyday life at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim.

For a book project
Archive; The Incomplete and Forlorn she collects unfinished, abandoned knit work. If someone wants to contribute an unfinished knitting project, she returns it after photographing if that is the wish, or else includes the yarn in a future installation, her address here.

And, as it happens, in the same Everyday Life exhibition is work by a clever and talented ceramic friend Jennifer Forsberg. Two other interesting Swedes in the show, Pontus Lindvall and Kjell Rylander.

For Elly Yap and who else wants to know; here are the underwater rugby rules. Maybe I would drown if I tried playing it nowadays, but it IS great fun, an exhausting and totally crazy sport.

Camilla Engman screen printed last week, lovely pictures.


heather smith jones said...

I like seeing people help others don't you?
I'm drooling over Kari Steihaug's work in this photo, thank you for the introduction. I will check out your links. Have a nice day Bibbi!

Lylou said...

boy, how i would love winter weather at this point. we are in a bit of a bind down here in GA and i am not sure it will ever get cold. i am the type of person that needs cold weather. it is my most productive time (as i have forces me to stay in)

Camilla Engman said...

Tack Bibbi.
Jag tycker att dom ska byta däck lite så där konstnärligt.

Natalie Jean said...

I think some days we all feel a bit unraveled!
I will be in Göteburg this weekend, maybe if I am lucky i will stop by Konstepidemin!!