Monday, 5 November 2007

birch trees and ice

If I ever wondered where they come from, all the stripes I paint, this could well be the answer. So many birches I must have seen. I've lived on the west coast longer than I lived up north but still, this is the landscape I carry inside. There is a certain, very very fragile beauty in colours and outlines that at times can make me very very melancholy.

Strange feeling to come back to Göteborg, it's like if someone put the leaves back on the trees again. In the north they will have more snow the days to come.

Ice project: the main tourist site in the north is an ice hotel in the middle of nowhere, in Jukkasjärvi. It's all built up of ice from the river nearby, and every spring it melts, going back to the river.
Incredibly beautiful, transparent and light.

Artists are invited to create new art and design work every year, pictures from 2007 and 2006.

My favourite percussionist, Norwegian Terje Isungset made ice concerts. More amazing pictures here and sound here.

Heather Smith Jones shows work in the exhibition "Mapping the way" at Artstream, look!


Anonymous said...

those birch photos are stunning...they are my favorite tree. I love the silhouette and color.

Lylou said...

it is so strange that you brought up the ice hotel, b/c my friend alex was going on and on and on about over lunch today. what a fasinating place it must be.

Célia Jordão Alves said...

Beautiful photos!!

I like to paint stripes too. :-)

heather smith jones said...

bibbi- I really really like these pictures! The bottom one even looks {kind of} like it could be here in Kansas! I'm sure you are influeced by those trees, they are amazing. The ones in the middle photo almost glow!
Thank you for the nice link :)
and for your recommendations of places to visit in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

The birches are fantastic!

Jen said...

lovely linear landscapes. very inspiring!