Wednesday, 14 November 2007

taped garlands

Tape is my good friend. I use elastic, slowdrying glue to fix garland pieces. Looks like first aid practice. Working on more colourful, not as melancholy garland.

Cradle to cradle,
photo from Braunstein/Quay Gallery webpage, photo: Ben Blackwell

I am quite taken by the work of Gyöngy Laky, "textile architecture" of natural materials. Solid and open at once. Tomorrow, Nov 15, her show opens in San Francisco, wish I was there to see and touch.

Here is more of her work.

Last week for my show in Örebro.


Lylou said...

EEEEEE! you know how much are garland makes me scream like a girl. it is so much fun i can't stand it!! looking good!

Bibbi said...


Natalie Jean said...

your work is beauty-full
these garlands remind me of beach treasures, from the coast of france when i was 10, such curious shells!