Thursday, 8 November 2007

looking for shop window

Now almost all are off the trees.

Biked around looking for the best place for my contribution to the shop window exhibition in December. Stressed Christmas-shopping people will hopefully be surprised by meeting art installations in the inner city busy shopping area and will take a break to reflect over life. Or something. Let's see if it works. The city aims for a high Christmas and light profile, this exhibition with ten artists showing Christmas related work in new spots is part of the whole event.

I like the idea of showing art in new and odd settings, and went looking for my perfect window. At the book store, the hairdressers and the ladies garment shop the windows were not deep or high enough. The wallpaper shop would have been the best if it hadn't been taken already. At last, I found it at Korsgatan, Design Forum, a fashion shop. That will be the place. Nice shape, nice shop, nice light and good for hanging garlands.

Criss crossing the streets for shops I made a visit to Lerverk nearby, where Gertie Larsson has a show now. This lady knows how to paint a slip! So elegant, like watercolor.

Thank you
caniche vagabundo (lovely photos on your blog!) who commented Cambodian post and told about Dinh Q. , another Vietnamese/American photographer dealing with some of the same issues. He weaves stripes of photos into new images, and more. Found some really beautiful links, photos and objects, more photos and bio.

My show.


Lylou said...

BRAVO to Gertie Larsson (my grandmother's name)! SMASHING WORK!

Bibbi said...

I'll tell her: Smashing! :)

Lylou said...

girl, i didn't even see the link to your show the first time!! you need to feature those things a little better for this old lady.

by the way, the movie was close encounters of the 3rd kind...if my memory serves me right.

Bibbi said...

Yes it was! I should remember, it's the one where Richard Dreyfuss fill a whole room with a sculpture of the mountain. Loved it.

ellyy said...

Oh my lord, all this stuff is amazing. I want to commit all of these beautiful shapes and textures to memory! Thank you for posting this Bibbi!